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  • FI MoBI Award

Brain Products MoBI Award 2018: And the winners are …

We are pleased to announce the winners of the second MoBI Award! The aim of the MoBI Award is to recognize excellence in the field of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research. Given that this is such a rapidly growing field, Brain Products wants to encourage scientists who take their research out of the lab and into the real world. During the 3rd International Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Conference in Berlin, Brain Products awarded the first, second and third place winners with LiveAmp 32, LiveAmp 16 and LiveAmp 8 packages (incl. amplifier, electrode cap and recording software), respectively.

  • Logo BCI Plus

BCI+ solutions by Brain Products

We have created a website to show our solutions for the BCI+ field. On you find our full range of BCI+ solutions including our amplifiers and electrode systems. We give information on toolbox integrations and will collect blog posts with BCI+ examples. With our BCI+ solutions we support the wider field of BCI-related technology.

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New LiveAmp 64 – High density wireless EEG amplifier

This summer we introduced the lower channel count LiveAmp wireless amplifier systems, the LiveAmp 8 and 16. Now we are extending the line with a 64 channel version to complement the LiveAmp family. We believe the LiveAmp 64 to be the most flexible wireless high density EEG/ExG recording system. The system can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies and sensors. In addition, there is an easy upgrade path all the way from 8 to 64 channels.

  • FI MoBI Award

Brain Products MoBI Award 2017: And the winners are …

We are very proud to announce the winners of the first ever MoBI Award 2017! With the MoBI Award, Brain Products wants to recognize excellence in various areas of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research. This field has been rapidly growing and holds a lot of potential for the future. During SPR 2017, Brain Products was proud to award Rob Zink the first prize for his paper “Mobile EEG on the bike: disentangling attentional and physical contributions to auditory attention tasks.” The first prize included a complete LiveAmp system and 3.000 Euro.

  • actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system

Product Launch: actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system

At the recent OHBM Annual Meeting 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, we presented our newest active electrode system for the first time: the actiCAP slim as our thinnest active electrode yet and the actiCAP snap as the new compatible electrode holder. Together, this system will make your EEG research easier and will extend the benefits of our active electrodes into new research fields.

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  • actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system

Meet our newest electrode: the actiCAP slim

Slimmer, lighter and even more sturdy. The actiCAP is the go-to solution for reliable and flexible high-quality EEG recording. We kept on improving the design of the actiCAP electrode and today we introduce the biggest step forward for the actiCAP product family: the actiCAP slim!

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  • The sound of silence: an EEG hyperscanning study

Men at work: Mobile EEG as a new tool for neuroergonomics

Our recent study “Age-sensitive effects of enduring work with alternating cognitive and physical load. A study applying mobile EEG in a real life working scenario” demonstrates how mobile EEG can be utilized not only for user state examination but also for the evaluation of cognitive processing in real life working situations. Here is a summary of our publication.

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