Press Release 03/2021 – Overview

TurboLink – new solution enabling ultra-fast brain state-dependent research

TurboLinkMore and more applications require a setup which allows, data access within minimal time, but maximal reliability. We recently released TurboLink for actiCHamp (Plus) and partnered up with sync2brain and their bossdevice RESEARCH to offer a solution that makes sure you can always rely on the performance of your hardware setup.   continue reading

R-Net MRSponge-based electrode system for simultaneous EEG-fMRI:
The R-Net MR is here!

We are delighted to announce that our R-Net MR is now available to order. The R-Net MR complements our existing MR-related products by offering a quick EEG setup with no skin preparation and no gel residuals.  continue reading

Get to know BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2
– Take the next step in EEG-fMRI analysis with Carbon Wire Loop Regression

BrainVision Analyzer 2We are happy to inform you that the new BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2 has been released. We are also excited about adding a completely new transformation, the CWL Regression for EEG-fMRI data correction. Let me take you on a tour of the new features and enhancements so that you can download Analyzer 2.2.2 from our website today and get started. continue reading

EIB64-DUO – a common input box for both actiCHamp Plus and BrainAmps

EIB64-DUOYou might have already come across an Electrode Input Box (EIB). In the past, the main function of the EIB was to enable the use of touch-proof (1.5 mm DIN) electrodes with either BrainAmp or actiCHamp Plus systems. If your lab already has both actiCHamp Plus and BrainAmp equipment, you might find the new EIB64-DUO from Easycap particularly interesting for your passive electrode setup!  continue reading

HyperscanningHyperscanning series part 3: How to do hyperscanning with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

So far, this series covered hyperscanning with BrainAmp amplifiers as well as with CGX Quick headsets. Part 3 introduces a more general approach, which is based on LabStreamingLayer (LSL).  continue reading

How to verify timing in your EEG setup

When analyzing EEG data, especially event-related potentials (ERPs), a reliable relationship between event markers and actual events is crucial. This article introduces the means to measure timing delays and latencies in your EEG recording setup.  continue reading

Safety tips for our new EEG-fMRI solutions

We’ve been very active in improving our EEG-fMRI solutions in recent years. Therefore, here is an EEG-fMRI safety refresher considering how the new developments fit into our safety recommendations.  continue reading

Multicenter studies with different hardware – what to look out for

Multicenter studies require the different labs to harmonize their protocols, including hardware specifications. In this article we cover the technical details of how to minimize the impact of using different hardware, if using the same hardware is not an option.  continue reading

MoBI Award 2022Submit your Mobile Brain/Body Imaging publication
and win the Brain Products MoBI Award 2022!

Submissions for the MoBI Award 2022, rewarding excellence in research within the field of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging, are now open. Submit your paper and win a trophy, a certificate as well as one of three LiveAmp bundles – including amplifier, electrodes, caps, recording software and more.  continue reading

Introducing the Brain Products Global Subsidiary Network

Have you ever wondered how the Brain Products family is organized? We summarize and introduce our global subsidiary network and provide some opportunities for you to join us in our journey.  continue reading

The polls are closed, the winners are drawn – Feedback from our customer survey

Our users opinion matters a lot to us. Here are some general results of our customer survey 2020/2021 as well as the winners of our gift card raffle.  continue reading

Brain Products Conferences, Events, Webinars and Workshops: January to March 2022

Brain Products will be attending or hosting the following events from January to March 2022. Please stop by or sign up, say hello and take the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about our application solutions or discuss your research and neuroscience requirements.  continue reading

News in brief

Get an overview of other news from Brain Products and our services as well as updates and downloads for our products and solutions.  continue reading

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