Press Release 01/2015 – Overview

  • New CapTrak software version 1.1.0 supports actiCHamp systems
    BrainVision CapTrak
    Brain Products is happy to announce a new version of the CapTrak electrode localization system (to be released in mid-April 2015), which interfaces directly with one of our company’s flagships: the actiCHamp EEG recording system. The new CapTrak software allows not only to localize the electrode positions in an extremely easy, accurate and fast way. It also helps to figure out if the cap has been misplaced in consequent measurements or if the cap size does not fit your subject!  → continue reading
  • User Research:
    Simultaneous EEG–fMRI at ultra-high field: Artifact prevention and safety assessment
    Simultaneous EEG-fMRI acquisitions can offer valuable insights for the non-invasive study of human brain function. Concurrently, the benefits offered by high-field imaging have attracted considerable interest towards simultaneous EEG-fMRI at higher field strengths. Unfortunately, simultaneous acquisitions are subject to problematic interactions that can compromise data quality and subject safety. Reducing noise during acquisition is crucial to improve EEG data quality, especially at higher fields. In this article, we assessed the importance of EEG cable length and geometry on noise sensitivity, at 7T, at the level of transmission between the cap and amplifiers.   → continue reading
  • Analyzer IconTricks and tips around Analyzer 2
    Tricks and tips are always much appreciated by our users, so we decided to compile a few more suggestions which will facilitate your data analysis with BrainVision Analyzer 2.  → continue reading
  • actiCHamp revision 3.0 now with clock output for synchronization with tAC, tDC and tRN stimulators
    Removing artifacts induced by tDC, tAC, tRN stimulators from EEG signals is a tricky and challenging task. However, it is a key prerequisite for EEG signal analysis. Artifact-corrected EEG data will lead to improved scientific conclusions on the effects of the stimulation that has been applied.   → continue reading
  • Recording EOG signals with actiCHamp – active or passive electrodes?
    The artifacts produced by eye movements and blinks are problematic for the EEG researcher and can have a negative impact on results. Advanced algorithms (e.g. Ocular Correction ICA) can be very effective in correcting the ocular related artifacts, however in some cases a dedicated ocular channel is required. Here, we will describe various approaches on how to use an actiCHamp amplifier to record an Electrooculogram (EOG).  → continue reading
  • PhyPA total: BCI Drone-TennisBCI-controlled “drone-tennis” demonstrated by Team PhyPA at TV total
    And now: A world premier…” was the announcement made by Stefan Raab, the host of the German late night show “TV total”, as members of Team PhyPA, our group of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research from the Department of Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics at Berlin Institute of Technology, entered the stage.  → continue reading
  • Brain Products bidding farewell to David Kadlec (Technical Support)
    In January this year, Brain Products bid a bittersweet farewell to David Kadlec, who joined Brain Products’ US-based distributor Brain Vision LLC in order to take on new challenges in customer support.  → continue reading
  • Analyzer IconBasic BrainVision Analyzer 2 Workshop in Munich – EEG from A to Z
    Welcome to Munich! This was how our participants were received when they arrived at the Hilton Hotel in the city center. They travelled from different cities in Germany, from other cities in Europe and even from Japan to spend three days learning about EEG. Brain Products joined forces with MES Forschungssysteme and we prepared a program covering EEG from A to Z. From Amplifiers to being Zen when analyzing the data!  → continue reading
  • Helping a great cause: Brain Products & MES donate EUR 6,000 to the Salberghaus in Munich
    At Brain Products and MES Forschungssysteme, it is a matter close to our hearts to give back and reach out to the less fortunate ones. Over the recent years, it has become a fond tradition to donate from Brain Products´ annual turnover to the Salberghaus in Munich.  → continue reading
  • News in brief: Conferences, workshops, webinars, downloads, updates
    Get an overview of the latest updates and downloads available on our website and check out which conferences Brain Products will be attending and workshops / webinars offering over the course of the next months.  → continue reading

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