Press Release 01/2022 – Overview

Brain Products turns 25: Happy Birthday to us!

BP 25 yearsThis year marks the 25th anniversary of Brain Products. Since 1997, we have been committed to providing solutions for neurophysiological research. Here is a short look back at the story of Brain Products so far and a brief look at our pledge for the future.  continue reading

Products & Applications

Mains Power Supply for BrainAmpsMains Power Supply for BrainAmp amplifiers is now available!
The best possible data quality is achieved by using a battery to power your EEG amplifier. However, there are many cases where a mains power supply is needed to ensure uptime of the system in your lab. With Mains Power Supply for BrainAmp we reintroduce a solution that allows you to power BrainAmp amplifiers from the mains.   continue reading

User Research:
Safety and data quality of EEG recorded simultaneously with multi-band fMRI

Until recently, there has been little information about EEG data quality and safety when used with newer multi-band (MB) fMRI sequences. Here, we measure the relative heating of a MB protocol compared with a standard single-band (SB) protocol considered to be safe. We also evaluated EEG quality recorded concurrently with the MB protocol on humans.  continue reading

Support & Tips

A guide to peripheral physiology measurements using the Brain Amp ExG MR – Part 2:
Let’s focus on ECG
In this part of our peripheral physiology series we introduce ECG measurement using BrainAmp ExG MR in the MR environment. The safety issues associated with ECG in the MR environment are highlighted. We explain the mechanisms which may limit the signal quality and introduce a methodology to obtain precise heart rate information.  continue reading

Hyperscanning series part 4: How to do hyperscanning with trigger forwarding
In this hyperscanning series, we first introduced our gold standard solution based on BrainAmps, then a wireless solution using CGX Quick headsets and the StimTrigger, as well as the extremely flexible LSL solution. In this fourth part, we demonstrate another hardware-based option: using the trigger mirror mode which can be used with actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp together with the Sensor & Trigger Extension.  continue reading

Keeping active electrodes fit and well: A guide for diagnosis and repair
Are you a user of the Brain Products active electrodes? Do you struggle to check whether your active electrodes are still fit for recording? Was it already suggested to perform a “saline test” but you are not sure on how to interpret the outcome of your test? This article might be ideal for you!  continue reading

Inclusivity in EEG Research: Tips for Recording EEG from People with Thick Natural Hair
To record a high-quality EEG signal, either the electrode or a conductive solution must make good contact with the scalp. This can be difficult to achieve in participants with certain hair types and styles, such as Black participants with thick Natural hair leading to their disproportionate exclusion from studies. We offer tips to address these challenges and achieve more inclusive data collection pools.  continue reading

2022 is off to a great start for the Brain Products Academy and we still have more to come!

We are very pleased to be organising exciting Brain Products Academy events throughout 2022. We started the year with our Foundations of EEG – Theory, Hardware, and Application Principles online workshop aimed at newcomers to the EEG field. We are delighted that this online event was such a great success.   continue reading


Brain Products Conferences, Events, Webinars and Workshops: April to August 2022
Brain Products will be attending or hosting the following events in the upcoming months. Please stop by or sign up, say hello and take the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about our application solutions or discuss your research and neuroscience requirements.  continue reading

Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products
As always, we’re excited to introduce our newest team member to you.  continue reading

News in brief
Get an overview of other news from Brain Products and our services as well as updates and downloads for our products and solutions.  continue reading

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