Press Release 01/2019 – Overview

  • Recent changes in Brain Products management:
    When continuity and stability matters!

    In June 2018, Alexander Svojanovsky, one of the founders of Brain Products, decided to step back and leave his position as General Manager of the company. In this article we briefly introduce Brain Products new general managers, Pierluigi Castellone and Dr. Manfred Jaschke.  continue reading

  • actiCHamp Plus & R-NetWhich amplifier is the best fit for R-Net?
    Easy: actiCHamp Plus!

    There are recording scenarios in which a rapid and gel-free application is advantageous. For some populations, as with sensitive participants or time-restricted recordings, the R-Net provides fast and easy preparation even with high channel counts. Which amplifier is the best fit for the R-Net? Now, the answer is easy: actiCHamp Plus! Why? Read on …  continue reading

  • Fingerprints of excellence:
    A great journey towards the new features in BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.0

    A new major update of our flagship analysis software, BrainVision Analyzer 2, is about to be released. In this article we intend to familiarize you with the most salient features coming with Analyzer 2.2.0, hoping they have a positive impact on your research work.  continue reading

  • Support & Tips:
    Choosing your reference – and why it matters

    How does the reference affect my data? What happens during re-referencing? This article provides some useful information about referencing that might help you choosing the optimal reference for your data analysis.  continue reading

  • Product update:
    A better splitter box for Brain Products outstanding active electrode system!

    Our active electrodes are the best choice for high quality EEG recordings and greatly appreciated in many labs worldwide. A central component of each 32-channel actiCAP electrode set is the splitter box. It bundles up all single electrode wires coming from the cap and routes them neatly to the amplifier. We improved this component for a better research experience regarding several aspects ….  continue reading

  • New user manuals for the BrainAmp series of amplifiers

    We are very proud that our BrainAmp MR series of amplifiers is the gold standard for combined EEG-fMRI measurements. While the BrainAmps themselves continue to be as robust and reliable as ever, we decided that the user manual was in need of an update. We are delighted to introduce two new documents to support our BrainAmp series of amplifiers.  continue reading

  • The Brain Products Webinar Channel:
    Watch a training video anytime and anywhere

    Are you in the middle of your analysis and stuck? Could you use some training right now, but there is no live BrainVision Analyzer 2 webinar coming up? Don’t worry, you can now enjoy an Analyzer 2 training anytime you need it. Watch your favorite webinars on our new Brain Products Webinar Channel.  continue reading

  • Second Act: Patrick Britz is back in North America

    No matter when or where you’ve met Patrick Britz, you probably know his motto: “Getting science done!”. This is what has always mattered most to him. His career started in research and took him to industry — at Brain Products & Brain Vision LLC. In case you lost track of where he is now and what he is up to, this article is for you …    continue reading

  • Conferences & Events:
    Brain Products Conferences, Events and Workshops – May to July 2019

    Brain Products and our local distributors will be at the following events from May to July 2019. Please stop by, say hello and take the opportunity to meet our team, see our latest application solutions and discuss your research and neuroscience requirements.  continue reading

  • Brain Products Inside:
    Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products

    Thanks to your unwavering trust in us, Brain Products is continually growing. To keep offering you unrivaled services and customer support, we’re constantly looking for dedicated, highly skilled professionals to join our team. On that note, we’re excited to introduce our newest team members to you.  continue reading

  • News in Brief:
    Downloads, Updates and more …

    Get an overview of other news from Brain Products and our services as well as updates and downloads for our products and solutions.  continue reading

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