Brain Products Press Release
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Brain Products Press Release

December 2017

New LiveAmp 64 – High density wireless EEG amplifier

This summer we introduced the lower channel count LiveAmp wireless amplifier systems, the LiveAmp 8 and 16. Now we are extending the line with a 64 channel version to complement the LiveAmp family. We believe the LiveAmp 64 to be the most flexible wireless high density EEG/ExG recording system. The system can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies and sensors. In addition, there is an easy upgrade path all the way from 8 to 64 channels.

  • Multimodal Fingerprints of Resting State Networks as assessed by Simultaneous Trimodal MR-PET-EEG Imaging

Multimodal Fingerprints of Resting State Networks as assessed by Simultaneous Trimodal MR-PET-EEG Imaging

In this work, we show the implementation of simultaneous trimodal imaging by employing the benefits of EEG, to acquire the electrophysiology of the brain, simultaneously with PET, to ascertain metabolic details, and MRI, to integrate brain function and structure. Trimodal imaging methodology is presented here for the first time, and we have carried out a pilot study to highlight its advantages.

  • TriggerBox – Marker triggering via USB port

TriggerBox – Marker triggering via USB port

Nearly every EEG research lab needs to send triggers from the experimental setup to the EEG system. Of course, the solution should be precise, reliable and easy to use. By using the USB port and the Brain Products TriggerBox, one can send triggers to the EEG amplifier with a precision of less than 1 ms. If you are using E-Prime 3.0 or Presentation 20.0 and have a USB port available, you have a plug & play solution for triggers.

  • FI MoBI Award

Brain Products MoBI Award 2017: And the winners are …

We are very proud to announce the winners of the first ever MoBI Award 2017! With the MoBI Award, Brain Products wants to recognize excellence in various areas of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research. This field has been rapidly growing and holds a lot of potential for the future. During SPR 2017, Brain Products was proud to award Rob Zink the first prize for his paper “Mobile EEG on the bike: disentangling attentional and physical contributions to auditory attention tasks.” The first prize included a complete LiveAmp system and 3.000 Euro.

Happy 20th Birthday, Brain Products!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Brain Products. Since 1997, we have been committed to providing what our logo states: Solutions for neurophysiological research. Our product developments have always been driven by aiming for constant innovation, the highest standards in product quality and listening to our customers. Together with our distributors, we have provided expert consulting and support for free and will do so in the future. We are proud and happy to be your partner in research.

Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products (Dec. 2017)

Thanks to your unwavering trust in us, Brain Products is continually growing. To keep offering you unrivaled services and customer support, we’re constantly looking for dedicated, highly skilled professionals to join our team. On that note, we’re excited to introduce our newest team member to you.

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