New LiveAmp 64 – High density wireless EEG amplifier

by Dominik Dietze
Head of Product Management (Brain Products)

This summer we introduced the lower channel count LiveAmp wireless amplifier systems, the LiveAmp 8 and 16. Now we are extending the line with a 64-channel version to complement this amplifier family. We believe the LiveAmp 64 to be the most flexible wireless high density EEG/ExG recording system. The system can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies and sensors. In addition, there is an easy upgrade path all the way from 8 to 64 channels.

The 64-channel version of LiveAmp comes as an upgrade of a 32-channel amplifier. It combines two LiveAmp 32-channel amplifiers, which are interconnected through the cap connector. LiveAmp 64, as all members of this amplifier family, is compatible with Brain Products active and passive electrode systems.

New LiveAmp 64 – High density wireless EEG amplifier

LiveAmp 64 with active electrodes connector.

Without compromise, the LiveAmp 64 has the same superior technical specifications as the rest of this amplifier family. The 3 axis accelerometer of one of the 32-channel modules is also available for the LiveAmp 64. Since the modules are combined and fixed to each other through the cap connector, there is no need for 6 accelerometer channels.

The LiveAmp family combines ultra lightweight and compactness with the signal quality of high-end laboratory equipment.

With the 64 channel version, it is possible to record up to 8 real bipolar channels (only in combination with passive electrodes). Using bipolar channels will result in a channel combination of 56 referential and 8 real bipolar channels. Bipolar channels can be used to record a huge variety of physiological signals like EOG, ECG, facial or peripheral EMG or even sensor signals, such as air flow and respiratory movement.

Like with all other systems of this amplifier family, LiveAmp 64 also offers local storage of data in parallel to wireless data transmission. So, you are free to use the system as a holter recorder or for truly mobile experiments or as an online system to e.g. control a BCI experiment. You can also combine both options; you can use the internal memory as a backup in case the wireless communication is disturbed, or you start as an online system, prepare the subject in the lab and once preparation is finished send the subject home and continue recording to the internal memory e.g. for sleep or long term recordings.

Of course, it is also possible to use LiveAmp 64 in combination with the Sensor and Trigger Extension. This extends the system with 8 auxiliary inputs and an additional 8-bit trigger in and 8-bit trigger output.

LiveAmp’s recording time can be extended to become essentially unlimited by connecting it to standard cell phone power extenders.

The flexibility offered from local storage, the possible addition of the sensor and trigger extension, and the option to record real bipolar channels all with the same hardware fulfills basically all your needs for almost any type of EEG research application field.

If you already have a stationary EEG electrode system and use active electrodes, for example our actiCHamp, you can re-use your existing actiCAP active electrode sets and actiCAP caps with the LiveAmp 64. The only thing you need to combine is two 32 channel amplifiers with the 64-channel active electrode adapter and of course the electrode sets you already have.

Furthermore, all LiveAmps are upgradeable to higher channel count system. This means that you can easily start with an 8 channel system and later upgrade to a 64-channel system. With the addition of the Sensor and Trigger Extension, achieving even 72 channels is possible.

The high level of expandability and extension options are key elements and a strong factor in the success of this amplifier family.

Continuous hardware development and feature extension, combined with maximum backwards and forwards compatibility, is one of the core elements of the LiveAmp family philosophy. This secures your investment for the future and reassures that you are able to stay up to date and on the edge of wireless EEG measurement technology.

We strongly believe that the LiveAmp 64 system is a great milestone and we are thrilled to unveil many future extensions for this amplifier product line to best support your day to day research work.

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