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How to decide which EEG electrode technology best fits your research

You would like to start with EEG research, but you are unsure what type of electrode technology works best for you? Given the range of possibilities, it can be hard to choose the best EEG system for your research. If you could use some guidance, this article is a good start for you!

New LiveAmp 64 – High density wireless EEG amplifier

This summer we introduced the lower channel count LiveAmp wireless amplifier systems, the LiveAmp 8 and 16. Now we are extending the line with a 64 channel version to complement the LiveAmp family. We believe the LiveAmp 64 to be the most flexible wireless high density EEG/ExG recording system. The system can be used with a wide range of innovative electrode technologies and sensors. In addition, there is an easy upgrade path all the way from 8 to 64 channels.

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