The new Brain Products R-Net, a saltwater-based electrode system for research applications

by Dr. Thomas Emmerling
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products

Brain Products R-Net, a saltwater-based electrode systemWe were proud and excited to reveal a new product at Neuroscience 2017. The R-Net is based on saltwater sponges and passive Ag/AgCl electrodes that are held in place with a durable and flexible silicone structure. It allows for rapid preparation and high recording flexibility.

For some EEG recording situations, a fast and gel-free application is advantageous. For example, certain pediatric or clinical populations, and time-restricted recordings. Providing an optimized solution for those applications, the new R-Net complements our other active and passive, wet and dry electrode systems.

We demonstrated the R-Net for the first time during Neuroscience 2017 in Washington, D.C.. We received a lot of interest and very positive feedback.

Electrode configurations of 64 and 128 channels will be available. The R-Net will be compatible with the LiveAmp (64 channels) and the BrainAmp (64 and 128 channels). Three adult sizes will be available to order in early 2018. More sizes, including infant sizes, will follow later in 2018.

If you are interested in the R-Net talk to us ( or your local distributor to be updated about the release date. We will tell you more about the R-Net in our next Press Release – stay tuned!   

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