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  • The sound of silence: an EEG hyperscanning study

Men at work: Mobile EEG as a new tool for neuroergonomics

Our recent study “Age-sensitive effects of enduring work with alternating cognitive and physical load. A study applying mobile EEG in a real life working scenario” demonstrates how mobile EEG can be utilized not only for user state examination but also for the evaluation of cognitive processing in real life working situations. Here is a summary of our publication.

BCI-controlled “drone-tennis” demonstrated by Team PhyPA (German Television @ TV total)

“And now: A world premier…” was the announcement made by Stefan Raab, the host of the German late night show “TV total”, as members of Team PhyPA, our group of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research from the Department of Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics at Berlin Institute of Technology, entered the stage.

An introduction to mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI)

Imaging the human brain during active behavior is essential to understand how the brain supports natural cognitive processes that are based on and make use of our physical structure. A new imaging modality, mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI), uses electroencephalography (EEG) synchronized to motion capture and other data streams to investigate brain activity while participants actively move in and interact with their environment.

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  • Non-invasive brain-machine interfaces to powered exoskeletons for restoration of walking

Non-invasive brain-machine interfaces to powered exoskeletons for restoration of walking

This article reviews research at the University of Houston on the design of non-invasive and reliable brain-machine interface (BMI) systems for the control of powered exoskeletons for restoration and rehabilitation of gait in persons with paraplegia and other forms of paralysis.

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