Product Launch: actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system

by Dr. Thomas Emmerling
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system Since the release in 2005, the actiCAP has been widely adopted. Active electrodes have become the gold standard in research EEG – at least for applications where data quality is critical. The possibility to perform recordings at higher impedances using the active circuitry and the LED impedance feedback are features that our customers do not want to miss anymore.

With the new actiCAP slim electrode, our engineers managed to fit all the features of the original actiCAP electrode in a new form factor that is three times thinner. You can read more about the actiCAP slim in our previous newsletter issue.

Logo actiCAP snapNow we are releasing the actiCAP snap electrode holder: a compatible, easy-to-use holder that further enhances usability and gives you the flexibility to mix and match actiCAP slim electrodes with caps sizes and cap electrode arrangements.

actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode systemWe listened to our users experiences and made the handling of the actiCAP snap electrode holder much easier. The insertion and removal of the actiCAP slim electrodes work with just a “snap” and a minimum amount of force. Nevertheless, the manufacturing precision still provides firm hold, also in mobile environments.

The different holder colors speed up your initial setup and prevents electrode placement errors. Finally, the flexibility of using a single electrode bundle with different caps or combining multiple bundles for one high-density electrode arrangement are features that became important to our users.

Low weight, low profile, electrode arrangement flexibility – plus all the benefits of the original actiCAP technology – make this electrode system ideal for EEG research.

The actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap will improve the benefits of our active electrodes in challenging research fields:


The slim profile allows for close coil positioning while our amplifiers and active electrode technology ensures the shortest artefacts.

Baby EEG:

The small and lightweight design maximises comfort, safety, and allows high electrode density.


The larger openings allow paste application for long-term recordings and the low profile makes for our most comfortable active electrode yet.

MoBI (Mobile Brain/body Imaging):

The active electrode technology reduces motion artefacts and the low point of gravity further minimises those.

actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap – The next generation active electrode system

We are excited to see our customers exploring the new possibilities that come with the actiCAP slim and the actiCAP snap. Your local distributor will be happy to talk to you about this new active electrode system and how it will make your research easier. The actiCAP snap is available now.

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