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Looking for a complete hyperscanning solution for education? Find out how to run an auditory oddball experiment with multiple X.ons in a classroom

Since X.on was released, common questions include if multiple X.ons can be used together and how many can be used simultaneously. To provide an informed answer, we conducted in-house tests and performed EEG paradigms with real participants using multiple X.ons.

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  • TriggerBox Plus

How to use the new TriggerBox Plus in your recording setup

In our last newsletter issue, we proudly introduced the new TriggerBox Plus. Now, we want to provide some more information on how this new and enhanced version of the TriggerBox changes the way you can interact with this device and how you can make the best use of its new features.

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  • Mindtooth

Decoding mental states anywhere with Mindtooth!

The Mindtooth EEG system is the result of a European funded project and makes a leap in design, form, style, ergonomics and enables the measurement of mental states without requiring any technical skills. Read further and discover how you can monitor workload, vigilance, or stress levels on the go with ease.

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  • Meet X.on – new wireless EEG headset for research or your next business case!

Meet X.on – new wireless EEG headset for research or your next business case!

Our solutions are usually tailored to the needs of academic researchers. With X.on, we make EEG recordings accessible for professionals with or without prior experience through ease of use with technology delivering the same data quality that Brain Products is known for in the research world.

Hyperscanning series part 6: Sending Wireless Triggers to Multiple Receivers

Many of you might already be using the Wireless Trigger system to facilitate experiments that are utilizing the LiveAmp’s potential as a mobile amplifier. By pairing a single transmitter with multiple receivers, you can now maximize the possibilities of such a mobile experiment by adding more LiveAmps to run hyperscanning experiments.

  • BCI+

Getting started with LSL Markers and Hardware Triggers for Stimulus Presentation

Here we introduce a step-by-step guide for both LSL markers and hardware triggers with Brain Products and various stimulus presentation software programs that will ensure you are ready to start your experiments with the most accurate timing possible.

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  • Hyperscanning series part 4: How to do hyperscanning with trigger forwarding

Hyperscanning series part 4: How to do hyperscanning with trigger forwarding

In this hyperscanning series, we first introduced our gold standard solution based on BrainAmps, then a wireless solution using CGX Quick headsets and the StimTrigger, as well as the extremely flexible LSL solution. In this fourth part, we demonstrate another hardware-based option: using the trigger mirror mode which can be used with actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp together with the Sensor & Trigger Extension.

  • How to do hyperscanning with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

Hyperscanning series part 3: How to do hyperscanning with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

So far, this series covered hyperscanning with BrainAmp amplifiers as well as with CGX Quick headsets. Part 3 introduces a more general approach, which is based on LabStreamingLayer (LSL).

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