Hyperscanning series part 6: Sending Wireless Triggers to Multiple Receivers

Many of you might already be using the Wireless Trigger system to facilitate experiments that are utilizing the LiveAmp’s potential as a mobile amplifier. By pairing a single transmitter with multiple receivers, you can now maximize the possibilities of such a mobile experiment by adding more LiveAmps to run hyperscanning experiments.

  • Hyperscanning series part 4: How to do hyperscanning with trigger forwarding

Hyperscanning series part 4: How to do hyperscanning with trigger forwarding

In this hyperscanning series, we first introduced our gold standard solution based on BrainAmps, then a wireless solution using CGX Quick headsets and the StimTrigger, as well as the extremely flexible LSL solution. In this fourth part, we demonstrate another hardware-based option: using the trigger mirror mode which can be used with actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp together with the Sensor & Trigger Extension.

  • How to do hyperscanning with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

Hyperscanning series part 3: How to do hyperscanning with LabStreamingLayer (LSL)

So far, this series covered hyperscanning with BrainAmp amplifiers as well as with CGX Quick headsets. Part 3 introduces a more general approach, which is based on LabStreamingLayer (LSL).

  • How to verify timing in your EEG setup

How to verify timing in your EEG setup

When analyzing EEG data, especially event-related potentials (ERPs), a reliable relationship between event markers and actual events is crucial. This article introduces the means to measure timing delays and latencies in your EEG recording setup.

Brain Products LSL on GitHub

Brain Products has been a big supporter of LabStreamingLayer (LSL) right from the very beginning. Since then, LSL has become a well-established tool for the EEG research community and beyond. To continue and improve our support for this system we provide a venue where interested researchers can easily find all the necessary tools and information.

  • Logo BCI Plus

BCI+ solutions by Brain Products

We have created a website to show our solutions for the BCI+ field. On www.bci.plus you find our full range of BCI+ solutions including our amplifiers and electrode systems. We give information on toolbox integrations and will collect blog posts with BCI+ examples. With our BCI+ solutions we support the wider field of BCI-related technology.

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