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How to decide which EEG electrode technology best fits your research

You would like to start with EEG research, but you are unsure what type of electrode technology works best for you? Given the range of possibilities, it can be hard to choose the best EEG system for your research. If you could use some guidance, this article is a good start for you!

  • Easycap EEG recording caps: An overview

Easycap EEG recording caps: An overview

Given the huge variety of EEG Recording Caps that are available on the market choosing the right one is sometimes not an easy task. In this article Falk Minow (General Manager of Easycap GmbH), gives a comprehensive overview of different cap solutions offered by Easycap and Brain Products.

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  • combining Brain Products electrode systems with an EGI Net Amp

Adaptors to easily combine Brain Products and EGI hardware

Brain Products and EasyCap strive to present options so that you have the freedom of choice when combining our equipment with that of another manufacturer. Here we present adaptors for connecting Brain Products and EGI systems.

  • actiCHamp Plus and PowerUnit

Introducing the actiCHamp Plus – offering active and passive electrode recordings … and more!

We are excited to announce our new actiCHamp Plus amplifier. It is compatible with all our active and passive electrode systems including the R-Net and powered by a sturdy lithium-ion battery – the PowerUnit. Read more about the actiCHamp Plus and why it is set to be the next essential part of your lab.

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Recording EOG signals with actiCHamp – active or passive electrodes?

The artifacts produced by eye movements and blinks are problematic for the EEG researcher and can have a negative impact on results. Advanced algorithms (e.g. Ocular Correction ICA) can be very effective in correcting the ocular related artifacts, however in some cases a dedicated ocular channel is required. Here, we will describe various approaches on how to use an actiCHamp amplifier to record an Electrooculogram (EOG).

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