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Tips for a better CapTrak experience

Accurate source localization needs accurate electrode positions. With the CapTrak, users can accurately and quickly acquire positions of all Brain Products active electrodes. However, a few things should be considered to ensure a quick and successful electrode localization. In this Support Tip, we provide you with some practical suggestions to help you improve the digitization of your active electrode set when using the CapTrak.

  • actiCAP slim active Electrodes Walkthrough

actiCAP slim active Electrodes Walkthrough

In issue 01/2017 we published an “actiCAP active Electrodes Walkthrough” guide to the practical use of actiCAP electrodes. Given the release of our new actiCAP slim electrodes, here is a detailed walkthrough showing you how to use actiCAP slim electrodes. Again, we added tricks and tips that help to make your recording sessions as smooth as possible.

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New video publication on infant EEG. “Novel Experimental and Analytical Approach to the Multimodal Neural Decoding of Intent During Social Interaction in Freely-behaving Human Infants”

A research group from University of Houston presented a novel methodology for the neural decoding of intent from freely-behaving infants during unscripted social interaction with an actor. Neural activity was acquired using actiCAP EEG electrodes. Kinematic data was collected with inertial measurement units and supplemented with synchronized video recording.

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New CapTrak software version 1.1.0 supports actiCHamp systems

Brain Products is happy to announce a new version of the CapTrak electrode localization system (to be released in mid-April 2015), which interfaces directly with one of our company’s flagships: the actiCHamp EEG recording system. The new CapTrak software allows not only to localize the electrode positions in an extremely easy, accurate and fast way. It also helps to figure out if the cap has been misplaced in consequent measurements or if the cap size does not fit your subject!

CapTrak: Brain Products’ accurate, fast electrode localization tool designed for actiCAP active electrodes

Brain Products is excited to announce a groundbreaking development soon to be released: CapTrak, a light, handheld scanner equipped with two integrated cameras and an intuitive, easy-to-use software. CapTrak innovatively employs a triangulation method which allows to detect the positions of the actiCAP active electrodes within very short time. Determining 128 electrode positions in less than 5 minutes with unequaled accuracy and reproducibility is no longer a dream – it´s CapTrak!

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