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How to decide which EEG electrode technology best fits your research

You would like to start with EEG research, but you are unsure what type of electrode technology works best for you? Given the range of possibilities, it can be hard to choose the best EEG system for your research. If you could use some guidance, this article is a good start for you!

  • Keeping active electrodes fit and well: A guide for diagnosis and repair

Keeping active electrodes fit and well: A guide for diagnosis and repair

Are you a user of the Brain Products active electrodes? Do you struggle to check whether your active electrodes are still fit for recording? Was it already suggested to perform a “saline test” but you are not sure on how to interpret the outcome of your test? This article might be ideal for you!

Introduction of actiCAP Xpress Twist – Brain Products’ next generation dry electrode system

Brain Products is happy to introduce the next generation of dry electrode systems: The actiCAP Xpress Twist. A natural evolution of the actiCAP Xpress system with 32 recording channels and compatible with the vast majority of Brain Products EEG amplifiers. High comfort, ease of use, durability and excellent data: We got it all!

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BCI-controlled “drone-tennis” demonstrated by Team PhyPA (German Television @ TV total)

“And now: A world premier…” was the announcement made by Stefan Raab, the host of the German late night show “TV total”, as members of Team PhyPA, our group of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research from the Department of Biological Psychology and Neuroergonomics at Berlin Institute of Technology, entered the stage.

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