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KRIOS option for BrainCaps and R-Net

NDI’s Polaris KRIOS is an electrode position scanning system based on reflective markers attached to each electrode. We offer to get BrainCaps and R-Nets equipped with KRIOS markers in a very robust and durable way. We are happy to announce that these markers are also fine in the MR environment and can be ordered with BrainCap MR as well! Contact us (via email, contact form or chat or your local distributor for more on this.

CoMiCon project successfully finished:
Brain-Computer Interface for Patients in Minimal Conscious State (MCS)

CoMiConMCS patients are excluded from common communication channels. Within the CoMiCon project, a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) was developed to enable a simple “yes/no communication” directly with the brains of MCS patients. The innovation combines modern technologies such as EEG, fNIRS, physiological sensors, specialized software and individual human attention. The patients hear questions from their relatives for which the answers are known; they are asked to respond mentally in the brain. Various types of music are used to encourage the attention of the patients. All in all, a system has been developed with which communication with MCS patients can be tested and trained. From this project alone, however, it cannot yet be conclusively confirmed that communication with MCS patients is always possible – only a large clinical study could prove this.

The project ran three years and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Brain Products was the project coordinator; the company NIRx Medizintechnik, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and BDH-Klinik Hessisch Oldendorf were project partners.

Further information:
– Summary of results incl. video: click here
– Interview with Dr. Manfred Jaschke, General Manager of Brain Products: click here
– Project description at the beginning of the project: click here

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Software/Firmware Releases and Updates
→  BrainVision Recorder 1.23.0001 (full release, update available for free) and Recorder User Manual
→  LiveAmp File Converter 2.1.2

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→  EGI to 10-10 Layout Comparison and Conversion Table