Introducing the actiCHamp Plus
– offering active and passive electrode recordings … and more!

by Dr. Michael Schubert
Product Manager (Brain Products)

We at Brain Products understand that EEG research questions are limitless. And so are the demands of recording options across different experiments. This is why we are excited to announce the new actiCHamp Plus, offering a scalable and flexible solution for your laboratory EEG recordings. The actiCHamp Plus can be combined with all our active as well as passive electrode systems, so you are all set for your current and upcoming research challenges.

The actiCHamp story so far …

actiCHamp and actiPOWEROver the past years the actiCHamp has become more and more popular and a go-to solution for laboratory recording setups. Features like “easy and cost-efficient scalability” from a 32 to a 160-channel system and “great data quality using active electrodes” led to an ever growing user base.

Since the first release of the actiCHamp (initially only compatible with the BrainVision PyCorder software), we have worked continuously on improving the actiCHamp.

Major steps so far were; compatibility with our commercially-licensed BrainVision Recorder software followed by compatibility with our dry active electrode system, actiCAP Xpress Twist.

However, as the name implies, the actiCHamp had been designed to be used only in combination with active electrodes. A fact, that was widely regretted, but couldn’t be helped – until now.

Stepping into the future with actiCHamp Plus: Switching easily from active to passive electrodes

actiCHamp Plus and PowerUnitMost recently we focused on improving actiCHamp in terms of flexibility regarding electrode technology. The result is the actiCHamp Plus, which can be combined with all sorts of electrode types.

The channel modules of the actiCHamp Plus allow impedance measurements for both, passive and active electrodes, so you can ensure and show that your recordings are based on optimal electrode to skin conductance.

Using the actiCHamp Plus with active electrodes (i.e. actiCAP slim/snap*) still remains the best choice. However, this is mainly because our active electrode systems make recordings extremely robust against artifacts while delivering exceptionally good data quality.

Still, for some research experiments passive electrodes are the preferred choice and actiCHamp Plus gives you the flexibility to switch easily between electrode technologies using the same amplifier.

→ When high channel counts and extremely fast preparation times are crucial, you can combine actiCHamp Plus with our recently released R-Net. This system is based on saltwater sponges and passive Ag/AgCl electrodes that are held in place with a durable and flexible silicone structure [read more about the R-Net].

→ When “customization options” matter most, you can combine actiCHamp Plus with our standard passive electrode BrainCaps. These systems are fully customizable, and have the electrodes built-in, resulting in a very flat and comfortable design, while at the same time being robust and easy to clean.

Additional features of actiCHamp Plus in brief

  • It’s a scalable solution, starting off with only one 32 channel module that can be easily and cost-efficiently upgraded with two to four further modules (i.e. 64 – 160 channels).
  • It includes eight additional, built-in AUX channels, with up to 100 kHz sampling rate and trigger in and output connectors.
  • It allows you to make use of new synchronization options to record other modalities like TMS or EMG and for these modalities to be perfectly aligned with the EEG signal. Choose to either output the current hardware sampling rate or to send trigger pulses at a specified frequency to synchronize any additional measuring device you use in your lab.
  • It is powered by a lithium-ion technology battery pack, the PowerUnit (the standard battery supplied with actiCHamp Plus)
  • It allows you to forward triggers sent by your stimulus presentation software to multiple devices. By enabling the Trigger Mirror Mode, triggers are mirrored through the trigger-out port of the actiCHamp Plus and can be used for other signal acquisition methods (e.g. NIRS) as well.

Bottom line

Whatever the requirements regarding electrode technology or your research question, actiCHamp Plus should not be missing in your lab. It allows you to choose the electrode system/technology that best suits your research project while the amplifier remains the same. It is ready to be used with the above mentioned and more of our electrode systems.

The actiCHamp Plus is available as of early 2019.

1 US patent pending

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