PowerUnit – power your amplifier with lithium-ion technology

by Dr. Michael Schubert
Product Manager (Brain Products)

Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are part of our daily lives. Just think about your laptop, tablet and smartphone. They have been proven to be user friendly in terms of charging procedures, durability and reliability. These features are likewise important for your laboratory EEG recording setup. Therefore we are excited to announce that Brain Products’ PowerUnit is equipped with lithium-ion technology.

Most importantly, we were able to increase the capacity of the PowerUnit by 50% over the well-known actiPOWER. Hence you can benefit from significantly longer recording times. At the same time, we were able to keep the dimensions of the housing the same, while reducing the weight by about 500 g.

Many more characteristics of the technology used in PowerUnit will have a positive impact in your lab:

actiCHamp Plus and PowerUnitWith a low self-discharge rate, the PowerUnit will keep its charge for a longer time during storage – so you are ready to record for a new study when you take your battery off the shelf, avoiding downtime in your lab.

High voltage stability both during usage and during charging ensures longer performance, that is, from fully charged to completely discharged.

Let’s talk about cycle stability of the PowerUnit. Continuous discharging and recharging makes all batteries “tired”, losing some of their capacity. However, the great thing about lithium-ion technology and the cell type used in the PowerUnit in particular, is that it has a high cycle stability. Which means you can expect a long battery life-span making the it a truly worthwhile investment.

The PowerUnit will come with a dedicated charger ensuring a quick and safe recharging, so the battery is ready for the next recordings when you need it. Finally, the specific lithium-ion technology in the PowerUnit is comparably eco-friendly and follows high safety standards.

It is the standard battery for actiCHamp Plus, but it will also be compatible with the actiCHamp. Given the many great features we are very excited to be able to offer this technology for both new and existing amplifiers in the actiCHamp family.

The PowerUnit is available as of early 2019.

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