Adaptors to easily combine Brain Products and EGI hardware

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

We are always carefully listening to the needs of researchers. In certain circumstances, the solution for some labs may be combining our hardware with third-party products. Brain Products and EasyCap strive to present options so that our customers have the freedom of choice when combining our equipment with that of another manufacturer. Adaptors for combining Brain Products and EGI hardware allow you the flexibility to combine the electrode and amplifier systems of your choice. Providing options to our customers, allows you to find the best solution for your lab and your setup.

When combining Brain Products electrode systems with an EGI Net Amp

combining Brain Products electrode systems with an EGI Net AmpFor recordings with sensitive populations or when you need an ultra-fast preparation time, the R-Net is likely your go-to electrode system for measuring high-density EEG in a short amount of time.

When combining the R-Net, our saltwater sponge-based electrode system, with the Net Amp, all you need is our 50-pin connector. Use this adaptor for the R-Net, or any of our other passive electrodes, for high-density EEG recordings up to 128 channels.

For longer recordings which still maintain the highest signal to noise ratio, our active electrode technology is the primary choice for labs around the world. If you are using our actiCAP slim electrodes, then all you need is the adaptor and additional ControlBox to be able to connect the Net Amp.

When combining Brain Products amplifiers with an EGI HydroCel net

If you are using the BrainAmp or actiCHamp (Plus) series of amplifiers and want to connect to an EGI HydroCel net, then all you need is a dedicated BrainAmp adaptor (50-pin) – shown in the image on the right – or actiCHamp Plus adaptor (40-pin), respectively, to keep using your Brain Products amplifier with an EGI net.

Check out the below video to see how simple it is to use the adaptors


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Combining hardware from different manufacturers allows you to be flexible in conducting your research and carrying out your studies with your vision in mind. Please note, however, that there are some technical aspects to take into consideration when using the adaptors in different combinations. You can find more information on the topic here.

Rest assured that you will receive long-term support from both our Scientific Support and Technical Support teams. This service is free of charge and our experts are always happy to help.

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