• Communication with the trigger port: A beginner’s guide

Communication with the trigger port: A beginner’s guide

Beginners from non-technical disciplines are often challenged when setting up their EEG experiment especially in terms of triggers/markers. If you are struggling with this topic, too, or want to learn more, check out our new “Beginner’s guide on Communication with the trigger port”.

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Annapurna Base Camp: Studying the Brain at High Altitude

Human achievement at high altitude requires the performance of skilled behaviors with cognitive clarity. To better understand how the brain changes at high altitude during a motor task we used the actiCAP Xpress Bundle to characterize motor circuit changes up to 4,130 meters in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

Product Launch: Photo Sensor

The Photo Sensor measures the screen brightness and, when combined with StimTrak, generates a trigger at the exact stimulus onset. It is a valuable tool to check the performance of a monitor or any experiment control software. This becomes essential if visual stimuli are planned to be presented on a tablet or cell phone display.

  • Cybathlon BCI Race 2016

Brain Products sponsors teams entering the BCI Race at Cybathlon 2016

Cybathlon 2016 is a championship dedicated to racing pilots with disabilities using advanced assistive devices in various competitions. Being one of the sponsors of the event, Brain Products will support 5 teams entering the “BCI Race” as part of the Cybathlon by providing hard- and software equipment as well as comprehensive technical expertise at no charge. As an added bonus, the highest ranked team sponsored by Brain Products will be awarded with the full set of equipment that has been made available to the team.

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