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Success at the CYBATHLON BCI Series Race

Brain Products was proud to sponsor the Mirage91 team at the CYBATHLON BCI Series on September 17th in Graz. Equipped with a LiveAmp and actiCAP slim system, Mirage91 with pilot Pascal Prietl won second place overall! We look forward to sponsoring them and the SEC FHT team at the global CYBATHLON competition in May 2020.

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Cybathlon 2016 – the new bionic Paralympics

Scientists, developers and company representatives will come together from all around the world in Zurich on October 8, 2016 to see how their technological developments impact individuals with physical disabilities. At Cybathlon, teams of people with severe disabilities will compete on six different disciplines: brain-computer interface (BCI) race, functional electrical stimulation bike race, arm prosthesis race, leg prosthesis race, exoskeleton race and wheelchair race.

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  • Cybathlon BCI Race 2016

Brain Products sponsors teams entering the BCI Race at Cybathlon 2016

Cybathlon 2016 is a championship dedicated to racing pilots with disabilities using advanced assistive devices in various competitions. Being one of the sponsors of the event, Brain Products will support 5 teams entering the “BCI Race” as part of the Cybathlon by providing hard- and software equipment as well as comprehensive technical expertise at no charge. As an added bonus, the highest ranked team sponsored by Brain Products will be awarded with the full set of equipment that has been made available to the team.

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