The new Analyzer 2.3.0 – 25 years of excellence and still going strong

Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Brain Products and also of our Analyzer software. After a quarter of a century of providing reliable and user-friendly data analysis to EEG researchers worldwide, we are happy to announce the release of the latest version of BrainVision Analyzer 2. Get your free update to Analyzer 2.3.0 today!

  • Brain Products Academy

Introducing Brain Products Academy Onboarding!

It is important to us that you get up and running with your new hardware and software as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure you have the best introduction to our products so that you can get the best out of them. Therefore, we have introduced Brain Products Academy Onboarding to help you get started.

Getting to know EEG artifacts and how to handle them in BrainVision Analyzer 2

In this article we present a collection of common EEG artifacts with their characteristics and pictures to facilitate their identification, and various tools offered by BrainVision Analyzer 2 for artifact detection, rejection, and removal. Towards the end we make some suggestions for devising an overall artifact handling strategy.

  • Brain Products Academy

The Brain Products Academy keeps growing: here is a look ahead at 2023

As 2022 comes to an end, we’d like to take a look back on our recent Academy events and let you know what we are planning in terms of Academy events and our new "Onboarding" programmes for 2023.

Hyperscanning series part 5: How to analyze a hyperscanning dataset with BrainVision Analyzer 2

In this article we will dip into common analysis goals for hyperscanning and why they are relevant for research fields such as social neuroscience. We will focus on dealing with multi-participant datasets and inter-brain connectivity in BrainVision Analyzer 2 helping you to complete your hyperscanning analysis.

  • Safety and data quality of EEG recorded simultaneously with multi-band fMRI

Safety and data quality of EEG recorded simultaneously with multi-band fMRI

Until recently, there has been little information about EEG data quality and safety when used with newer multi-band (MB) fMRI sequences. Here, we measure the relative heating of a MB protocol compared with a standard single-band (SB) protocol considered to be safe. We also evaluated EEG quality recorded concurrently with the MB protocol on humans.

  • Get to know BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2

Get to know BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2 – Take the next step in EEG-fMRI analysis with Carbon Wire Loop Regression

We are happy to inform you that the new BrainVision Analyzer 2.2.2 has been released. We are also excited about adding a completely new transformation, the CWL Regression for EEG-fMRI data correction. Let me take you on a tour of the new features and enhancements so that you can download Analyzer 2.2.2 from our website today and get started.

  • Combining EEG and eye tracking: a workflow for your mobile experiment

Combining EEG and eye tracking: a workflow for your mobile experiment

Are you fascinated by mobile EEG and would like to explore real-world scenarios, but are unsure of how to prepare your setup and overcome its technical challenges? Read on to learn about how we combined EEG with wearable eye tracking from our partner Tobii Pro. We’ll show you how to optimize your setup and provide some inspiration for your next investigations!

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