Simultaneous EEG and BOLD fMRI: Best setup practice in a nutshell

The most widely used EEG equipment for simultaneous EEG/BOLD fMRI acquisition consists of the BrainAmp MR plus, RecView and Analyzer 2. Thus, the Brain Products’ Technical Support team has great experience in helping our customers to solve technical problems concerning EEG/fMRI studies. In this article, we share our experience by presenting an overview of the most important set up steps for a successful EEG/fMRI experiment.

  • New insights in motor imagery from real-time EEG feedback during concurrent fMRI

New insights in motor imagery from real-time EEG feedback during concurrent fMRI

Motor imagery (MI) combined with neurofeedback has been suggested as a promising rehabilitation approach for paralyzed individuals. EEG based MI feedback is particularly promising for therapeutic applications. Yet whether EEG feedback indeed targets specific sensorimotor activation patterns cannot unambiguously inferred from EEG alone. This article demonstrates that online correction of gradient artifacts and ballistocardiogram artifacts enables reliable MI EEG feedback inside the MRI scanner.

Integration of concurrent real-time fMRI and EEG data: Self-regulation of human brain activity using simultaneous real-time fMRI and EEG neurofeedback

We integrated concurrent real-time fMRI (rtfMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) data on commercial MRI and EEG equipment. We also report a proof-of-concept experiment using simultaneous multimodal rtfMRI and EEG neurofeedback (rtfMRI-EEG-nf). With this approach participants receive information about their electrophysiological (EEG) and hemodynamic (BOLD fMRI) activity in real-time, and volitionally regulate their own brain activity.

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