New R&D Project: Neurophysiological research applications
in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)

by Dr. Christina Lavallée
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

As a company providing neurophysiological solutions to researchers, Brain Products must always remain on the cutting edge of science and innovation. In the past, Brain Products has been successful in obtaining funding from federal agencies for various R&D projects. A new pilot action under the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” supports European small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to recruit post-doctoral research associates from other countries to explore an innovative business idea.  Under this action, Brain Products was granted funding and support for the “MoBI” project.

What is the “MoBI” project?

MoBI refers to the field of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging, which is a new approach to imaging human brain dynamics supporting natural cognition. The project began on November 1st, 2017 and has a duration of 12 months. The innovation associate will attend four seminars hosted by the programme organizers to develop a strategic plan for innovation within the H2020 framework. Brain Products is proud to have received funding from the EU’s Horizon2020 programme and would like to introduce you to the rapidly growing field of MoBI.

Why “MoBI”?

MoBI uses wearable technologies to measure brain activity in settings outside of the laboratory. It overcomes the restrictions of traditional methods to investigate brain dynamics that co-occur with active behaviour. Mobile Brain/Body Imaging is an emerging research field, where we see an increasing number of laboratories, institutes, universities and companies bring their research “outside the lab.” This provides a glimpse into human brain dynamics during activities such as sports, navigating and viewing natural settings, as well as various human-computer (HCI) and brain computer interactions (BCI), that would otherwise not be possible in a stationary laboratory setting.

Project Goal & Actions

New R&D Project: neurophysiological research applications in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI)The aim of Brain Products within this project is to enforce engagement in the innovative and promising Mobile Brain/Body Imaging field. Brain Products offers a product line of fully wireless and portable LiveAmp amplifiers systems from 8 to 64 channels, which are compatible with our wide range of electrode sensors. This provides the ideal solution for obtaining the highest data quality while being mobile. Our goal is to further develop this research field by connecting research institutes and companies interested in MoBI with our company. This will involve fostering the development and growth of the MoBI community through various workshops, awards and events.

One action Brain Products is already taking to foster engagement within the MoBI field is the MoBI Award. This award recognizes excellence in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research and our aim, with this award, is to benefit the field by motivating scientists who bring EEG out of the lab and into the “real world”.

The MoBI Award 2018 winners were recognized during a ceremony at the MoBI conference in Berlin. Please see “Brain Products MoBI Award 2018: And the winners are …” for more information.

We want to create awareness for the MoBI field. We recognize that MoBI may encompass a diverse range of subfields, who may otherwise identify themselves differently. Therefore, we introduce “BCI+” as a concept that incorporates these fields. To disseminate this idea, we created a website to foster integration among these various disciplines. This website showcases our hardware and software solutions and integration for MoBI, HCI, BCI, neuroadaptive technologies, and other related fields. Here you will also find links to workshops, events, forums and blogs within this growing research area.