Release of BrainVision Analyzer 2.1.1; usability, another step along the path

by Jose Raul Naranjo
Scientific Consultant & Product Manager Analyzer (Brain Products)

Logo AnalyzerThe 2.1.1 release of BrainVision Analyzer 2 will be out on December 18, 2015. The focus of this release was the integration of user feedback, improved usability and even more speed. In this article we will talk about some of the updates and give you the link to the full release notes.

Analyzer was first released in 1997 for the analysis of EEG, ERP and other physiological signals. The Brain Products team has always been committed to providing you with a reliable, stable, user-friendly and high-quality software. You reward our efforts by making Analyzer one of the most popular and fastest growing commercial software for neurophysiological research.

Over the years, another requirement came into focus. The need to publish quickly without compromising the quality of the scientific process. We allow you to obtain the correct results in your research while increasing speed little by little. We also improve the usability of the software step by step.

Here are some examples of improved usability and computational speed for this Analyzer release:

A new time domain and a frequency domain Channel Pair view has been implemented. This new view supports both transient and persistent modes of operation. It will enhance the dynamic visual exploration of functional connectivity (e.g., Coherence) data. Namely, you can now scroll through your data and explore the evolution of connectivity graphs in the time domain or across different frequency ranges.

The Zoom view was expanded to also include frequency domain data.

The Coherence transform was optimized for a faster computation of larger amounts of channel pairs. Alongside this, its dialog has also been restructured and improved.

Multithreading was implemented in the CSD transform, leading to considerably faster performance.

The IIR Filter transform was also restructured, while improving the usability of the dialog and Operation Infos.

Of course, several minor corrections and improvements were implemented in commonly used modules, for instance CSD, EDF reader, 3D Head view and Area Information Export. For more detailed information about the changes in Analyzer 2.1.1, please refer to the Release Notes.

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