Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products

by Tanja Horst
Office Manager (Brain Products)

Having a qualified, reliable and committed team is a key factor for staying successful as a company. Just like continuously successful sports teams are proud of their “new signings”, we are proud of ours and would like to briefly introduce our newest team members to you.

Technical Support: Erik Gkaisarlidis

Erik Gkaisarlidis has been supporting our Technical Support team as Product Service Specialist since November 2020.

As a trained electronics technician for devices and systems, he has acquired extensive knowledge and gained a lot of experience in the field of medical devices over the past years. Erik has contributed to build entire, EEG, sleep lab or EMG systems as well as the individual components thereof. For these systems and parts, he programmed them, tested them and carried out the safety checks.

Welcome to the team, Erik!

Scientific Support: Dr. Yin Fen Low

Dr. Yin Fen Low is a member of the Scientific Support since December 2020 and holds a doctorate degree specializing in EEG signal processing from Saarland University (Germany). Her doctoral work was about objective quantification of neural correlates of auditory selective attention. Additionally, she gained extensive hands-on experiences in designing EEG experiments as well as analyzing EEG signals through participating in other projects such as combined TMS-EEG experiments, study of cortical inhibition in ADHD and development of a neurofeedback training during her doctoral study.

Before joining us, Yin Fen was an associate professor at the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, where she was actively engaged in several EEG research projects which focused on the implementation of signal processing and machine learning algorithms. We are happy that such an experienced researcher has joined our team and will contribute her expertise in diverse areas of EEG signal processing to our Scientific Support department.

Welcome to the team, Yin Fen!

Technical Support: Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana

Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana joined the Scientific Support Team in January 2021. With over 10 years of experience in EEG, he is already familiar with our equipment and software.

He received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from LMU Munich (Germany). As a researcher, he worked at the Chair of Sport Psychology at TU Munich and the German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders, focusing his work on visual-motor interactions in human performance, ADHD and vestibular disorders. In his research, a strong focus was on obtaining valid EEG signals in conditions with unavoidable eye-movements; frequent in vestibular patients or during sporting tasks. He collaborated on projects working towards the integration of EEG in vestibular research.

Welcome to the team, Fernando!

R&D - Software Development: Ramon Martinez Cancino, Ph.D.

Ramon Martinez Cancino, Ph.D. has been supporting the R&D team in his role of Scientific Software Analysist and Advisor since January 2021.

From an original background in Nuclear Engineering, he transitioned early in his career to the fascinating world of Neuroscience at the Cuban Neurosciences Center, where he earned his Masters in Neurophysics and Neuroengineering. He then earned his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of California San Diego in 2020. For the last six years, Ramon worked as a programmer analyst for the EEGLAB project at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience in La Jolla, California. Ramon describes himself as an enthusiast of signal processing methods and tools for electrophysiological research and his strengths lie in signal processing methods for EEG, machine learning, and programming.

Welcome to the team, Ramon!