Decoding mental states anywhere with Mindtooth!

by Dr. Michael Schubert (Brain Products Head of Product Management)

While Brain Products is committed to provide solutions for neurophysiological research in the best possible way, we also engage in projects which already make use of findings from EEG research studies.

Logo MindtoothEntering the Mindtooth project, which aimed to build a solution to decode mental states in operational environments, was an easy decision for us and, in fact, an honor, because it is based on scientifically developed, validated, and published work of Prof. Fabio Babiloni and his team at the “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy) and BrainSigns srl. (Italy).

Today, we are thrilled to announce the result of this cooperative work with BrainSigns, the ITCL Technology Centre (Spain), and IBM Israel: The Mindtooth system makes a leap in design, form, style, ergonomics and enables the measurement of mental states without requiring any technical skills. It is available now!

The Mindtooth system consists of the following components to provide the full brain decoding experience:

  • Mindtooth Touch

The EEG headset is a key element of the system. It is lightweight, wearable, flexible, and able to fit all head shapes and sizes, while still achieving outstanding signal quality without inducing any discomfort despite hours of continuous usage. The EEG sensor positions are tailored to the neurometric algorithms.

Mindtooth Touch Headset
  • Mindtooth ClickOn Amplifier

The ClickOn Amplifier features an extensive variety of capabilities, all of which contribute to its exceptional ability of recording high quality EEG signals. It is extremely lightweight (30 grams), has magnetic connectors allowing easy placement on the headset, and can record data for up to 3 hours of continuous usage.

Mindtooth Click-On Amp
  • Mindtooth Neurometrics App

… really the heart of this solution – powerful, well protected, yet accessible as a cloud service. Visualize and record workload, stress, and vigilance to measure mental states of a user during their daily activities and review them offline in a simple yet comprehensible way.

Mindtooth Neurometrics App
  • Mindtooth EEG App

The EEG App provides an easy way to access and visualize raw EEG data from the Mindtooth Touch headset.

Mindtooth EEG App

The environments and applications are manyfold, and even more are yet to be discovered.

Some examples where Mindtooth has already been validated comprise:

  • Aviation for performance improvement, learning and competence evaluation in operators (e.g., pilots, air traffic controllers)

  • Automotive where risk of accidents may be reduced by monitoring drivers’ mental states while driving

  • Surgeons’ (and others) teamworking assessment by applying Mutual Information theory to Mindtooth’s neurometrics

  • Industry where safety and low error rates (= high efficiency) is key, Mindtooth can help to enhance the management of human resources

  • Neuro Aesthetics assessing the appreciation of art works like music, poems, paintings, and others

  • Virtual Reality e.g., for assessing workload and approach-withdrawal during different virtual scenarios

  • Neuromarketing to understand and analyse what happens in people’s brains when they are exposed to a marketing stimulus (related to products, brand or advertising) throughout the measurement of approach-withdrawal as well as attention and cognitive workload

We at Brain Products are thrilled to be able to contribute our expertise in EEG technology to this solution and look forward to the many great applications Mindtooth will be used in. If you are interested and want more information, visit and request your quote today. If any questions remain after browsing the Mindtooth website, feel free to drop us an email to