Introducing the BrainVision LSL Viewer

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

Being active in the LSL (LabStreamingLayer) community has been important for us in order to provide researchers with flexibility and ease in terms of combining data streams from different recording devices with their Brain Products equipment.

We have up-to-date LSL connectors for all our amplifiers  provided on our GitHub page. The next new addition that we are excited to announce is the BrainVision LSL Viewer. This is a handy tool to monitor your LSL EEG and marker streams.

Introducing the BrainVision LSL Viewer

With this viewer, you can select one regular stream (for example, EEG) and any number of irregular streams (for example, markers), visualize up to 32 channels of EEG and AUX channels simultaneously, as well as display Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) of up to four channels. It is available for free to download on our website and can provide utility not only for EEG researchers, but also for users of other LSL devices, as the regular stream need not be EEG, but rather any data stream with regular sampling intervals (e.g., fNIRS, ECG, EMG, etc.); therefore, the use of this tool extends beyond Brain Products devices.

In our most recent BCI+ blog post, we provide you with examples of a complete data processing pipeline using LSL. This tutorial walks you through how LSL can be used for recording EEG and other signals, adding event markers, accessing & visualizing data, as well as analyzing and converting data after it has been recorded. Be sure to check out this article when getting started with LSL – keep in mind that the code is mostly Open Source, so the complete pipeline can be run with freely available tools.

Do you have a cool new application using Brain Products EEG amplifiers and the BrainVision LSL Viewer and would like to share it with the community? Write us if you’d like to contribute a post on the BCI+ blog. Stay in touch and follow the BCI+ twitter for all of the latest news.

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