Quick and easy to apply dry headset: Welcoming the CGX Quick System into our Product Portfolio

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

Logo CGXOne thing that drives us at Brain Products is listening to and anticipating your (the researcher’s) needs. Some application fields, like neuromarketing, neuroergonomics, mobile applications and other related fields may require an inherently different set-up than what we have offered in the past. You might be looking for a super sleek and minimalistic hardware set-up that requires little to no time to prepare. We heard your wishes and are happy to announce that we have partnered with our good friends at CGX to be able to offer you a high-grade, dry electrode, wearable headset.

We’ve always admired CGX products for not only their high level of usability but also their data quality and we are, therefore, proud to now be the exclusive sales channel for CGX products worldwide1 for the non-medical market.

Quick and easy to apply dry headset: Welcoming the CGX Quick System into our Product Portfolio

Quick-20r, 20-Channel Dry EEG Headset (left) and Quick-30, 30-Channel Dry EEG Headset (right)

Are you working with participants in a real-world environment?

When you are conducting studies in a supermarket, training facility, or any other real-world environment, you can’t leave behind sticky gel residues in your participants’ hair and these situations typically require a very quick and low-maintenance preparation. The CGX Quick system is your go to headset for measuring up to 30 channels of EEG data. Due to its minimalistic design and ease of use, this headset is already a favourite by users and participants alike from many fields including mobile applications, neurofeedback, simulation training and virtual reality, as well as BCI and neuromarketing. Check out some of the publications from various application fields.

The CGX Quick systems

As far as dry electrode headsets go, we have always been impressed with the signal quality and high level of usability offered by the CGX Quick systems. These headsets come in 8, 20 and 30 channel counts with a one-size-fits-all solution for adults (52 to 62 cm) and children (48.5 to 56.5 cm). They can be self-donned and prepared with little to no fuss. Taking this into consideration, with the one-size-fits-all concept, saves you precious time during your experimental setup. With this system, you’ll have the lowest inter-subject preparation time, making it easy to test several participants in succession.

Let’s talk about the data

For precise experimental timing, the CGX Quick systems support an ultra-low latency link to wirelessly transfer triggers. Active electrodes with high-resolution data acquisition electronics, low noise floors and active noise cancellation enable high-quality data collection even under real-world conditions. Precise triggering options and research-grade data quality in the relevant EEG frequency range make the CGX Quick systems an efficient option for capturing evoked-responses in a number of real-world scenarios.

You’ll get unrestricted access to the raw data output and can then use it in a variety of online and offline tools, such as LabStreamingLayer (LSL), which is directly activated in the CGX recording software, OpenViBE and EEGLAB, just to name a few. Or import the data directly into BrainVision Analyzer and begin your advanced data analysis!

For all of those application fields where time is of the essence and the participants’ experience is highly valued, we are happy to now offer a dry electrode headset for the complete solution.

1 excluding South Korea

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