Brain Products provides a new SDK for actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp

by Dr. David Medine
Product Manager BCI (Brain Products)

Brain Products provides a new SDK for actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmpFor many years, Brain Products has provided a number of opensource solutions for data access: PyCorder, SDKs for BrainAmp and V-Amp amplifiers, and the RemoteControlClient. We also strive to maintain maximum compatibility with opensource BCI toolboxes such as OpenViBE, LabStreamingLayer (LSL), and BCI2000. In addition to this, we are pleased to release a new SDK for our customers who wish to have direct access to actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmp in their C++ applications.

Low Level Control

The new AmplifierSDK provides simple, code-level access with the following features:

  • Device discovery and connection
  • Device setup: all features are exposed, including actiCHamp’s/actiCHamp Plus’ Fast Data Access feature!
  • Impedance checking
  • Flexible data acquisition functions
  • Data recording in the acclaimed BrainVision Core file format

This combination of features makes this SDK suitable for a number of applications where traditional recording techniques just won’t cut it. These applications might include:

  • Closed-loop stimulation
  • Neurofeedback
  • Neuroergonomics
  • Neuroadaptive systems
  • Brain Computer Interfacing

Because it is written entirely in C and C++, it is guaranteed to provide developers the ability to further develop their applications for maximum speed and efficiency.

A Unified API

Brain Products provides a new SDK for actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus and LiveAmpYou may not be aware, but the technology we designed to access LiveAmp, actiCHamp (Plus), and any amplifier that we may bring to market in the future is exactly the same. This means that the same function calls can be used to talk to any of these amplifiers. This is implemented in our AmplifierLIB API. The AmplifierSDK is a finely crafted abstraction of the functions exposed in AmplifierLIB. Functions are all generic and polymorphic for maximal ease of use and generality. This makes the AmplifierSDK a perfect solution for any project that requires direct code-level access to your LiveAmp or actiCHamp/actiCHamp Plus device!

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