Press Release 02/2021 – Overview

Introducing the Brain Products Academy

Brain Products Academy LogoWe are very excited to introduce the Brain Products Academy.  We are proud of the education opportunities that we provide for our customers and developing the Brain Products Academy will allow us to bring you even more content.   continue reading

User Research:
Transcranial Evoked Potentials can be reliably recorded with active electrodes

EEG & Brain StimulationIn this article, based on our current work, we compared transcranial evoked potentials recorded with active and passive electrodes. Signals obtained with the two methods did not statistically differ in amplitude and topography, and showed a high degree of similarity across the scalp. We conclude that active electrodes are a viable solution for studies combining transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography. continue reading

Combining EEG and eye tracking: a workflow for your mobile experiment

EEG & Eye TrackingAre you fascinated by mobile EEG and would like to explore real-world scenarios, but are unsure of how to prepare your setup and overcome its technical challenges? Read on to learn about how we combined EEG with wearable eye tracking from our partner Tobii Pro. We’ll show you how to optimize your setup and provide some inspiration for your next investigations!  continue reading

Hyperscanning series part 2: How to do hyperscanning with CGX Quick Systems

HyperscanningIn the first article of the hyperscanning series, we discussed our gold-standard recommendations for hyperscanning with BrainAmp, our stationary, lab-based, modular system, which may be used with passive or active gel-based electrode technology. In this second article of our series, we will focus on the CGX Quick Systems, which are innovative active, dry electrode EEG headsets integrated with Brain Products’ technology and software.  continue reading

A guide to peripheral physiology measurements using the BrainAmp ExG MR – Part 1:
Let’s focus on EMG

Emblem EEG & fMRIUsing the BrainAmp ExG MR to record peripheral physiology in the scanner can add another level of measurement to your studies. If you want to learn more about performing safe and successful measurements in the scanner read on!  continue reading

Combining Brain Products and MindAffect for a fast, robust and reliable BCI speller

BCI+We’ve been working closely with our friends at MindAffect to provide you with a fast and reliable c-VEP-based speller that is compatible with Brain Products amplifiers. Here is a short and easy introduction (including a video and link to a more detailed tutorial) on how to get started.  continue reading

Brain Products featured on kid’s television show “Checker Tobi” about the brain

We were visited by the host of a famous German children’s television series to show them the basics of how EEG works and demonstrate a Brain Computer Interface (BCI). The final production is in German, but still provides an entertaining way of communicating advanced neuroscience concepts to a young audience.  continue reading

Brain Products Young Scientist Award 2021 presented to Dr. rer. nat. Julian Kosciessa

The “Brain Products Young Scientist Award” recognizes a young researcher’s outstanding publication in the field of EEG-based psychophysiological research. Here is a short portrait of the winner in 2021, Dr. rer. nat. Julian Kosciessa.  continue reading

UCL-CNT Early Career Investigator Award in Neuroimaging Techniques 2020 presented to Yunzhe Liu

The “UCL-CNT Early Career Investigator Award in Neuroimaging Techniques” acknowledges an exceptional contribution by a UCL (University College London) student or staff member in the early stages of their career and is sponsored by Brain Products and Brain Products UK. Here is a short portrait of the winner in 2020, Yunzhe Liu.  continue reading

Brain Products Conferences, Events, Webinars and Workshops: August to November 2021

Brain Products will be attending or hosting the following events from August to November 2021. Please stop by or sign up, say hello and take the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about our application solutions or discuss your research and neuroscience requirements.  continue reading

News in brief

Get an overview of other news from Brain Products and our services as well as updates and downloads for our products and solutions.  continue reading

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