Who is who…?! – News in the Italian Market

by Nicola Soldati, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

Ciao, Brain Products! This is the greeting we expect to hear more and more often in the coming weeks, as Brain Products is opening a brand new office in Italy to distribute in the Italian Market directly.

From February 1st of this year, our Italian customers are able to contact us directly for all of their research needs, and they will meet us more and more often in Italy as well (stay tuned for workshops and events!). Also, we are happy to announce that Gianluigi Rubino has joined our Sales team. Gianluigi will work for Brain Products in Italy and therefore remains the main contact with the customers. This will grant continuity with the past in addition to maintaining the reputation of our outstanding and attentive customer service structure. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Gianluigi, let us give you a short description of his background and his role.

Gianluigi has a strong background in IT and computer languages, and was fascinated by the Neuroscience field as soon as he started working with our previous distribution company in Italy. The chance to work within unlimited possibilities to deal with new techniques and application scenarios was one he found very alluring. He has continuously and proficiently supported, for the last 10 years, our Italian customers in their research: from providing end-users’ training, to finding custom solutions for their needs, especially when it came to integrating different systems and technologies (TMS, NIRS, Neuronavigation). Seeking new challenges, he decided to join Brain Products to provide to existing customers the same level of service and expertise they expect, and to grow our presence in new research fields – all while helping the scientific community in Italy to grow by providing leading technical solutions.

A 2016 rich with opportunities is opening its doors in front of us, and we are sure that this new direct channel with our Italian customers will bring fruitful collaborations, long-lasting satisfaction and success.