Brain Products Conferences, Events, Webinars and Workshops:
May to August 2020

by Liam Scannell
Event Manager (Brain Products)

In the current climate so many great events and conferences are sadly being cancelled or rearranged. Rather than providing a list that will be quickly out of date, we would instead like to use this space to share with you some of the alternative resources we are planning for you. We still want to meet you, provide support and educational resources and of course answer your questions or demonstrate our solutions for your research.

Brain Products Webinars and Online Events

We really valued the positive feedback we received from you about our webinars, demos and symposiums last year. And for our part, we appreciate the opportunity to reach so many of you worldwide to demonstrate our solutions and answer your questions. It’s an important part of who we are and we are excited to announce the following events for the upcoming months.