New user manuals for the BrainAmp series of amplifiers

by Dr. Tracy Warbrick
Application Specialist EEG-fMRI (Brain Products)

We are very proud that our BrainAmp MR series of amplifiers is the gold standard for combined EEG-fMRI measurements. While the BrainAmps themselves continue to be as robust and reliable as ever, we decided that the user manual was in need of an update. We are delighted to introduce two new documents to support our BrainAmp series of amplifiers.

Performing simultaneous EEG-fMRI measurements: Conditions for the safe use of BrainAmp MR amplifiers and accessories in the MR environment

Emblem EEG-fMRIThis document provides a comprehensive overview of our safety recommendations in one convenient place.  For example, you can find information on recommended head coils, allowed MRI sequences, and guidelines for positioning the EEG equipment. In addition to covering standard EEG measurements, we also consider bipolar measurements and measurements using our MR conditional sensors with the BrainAmp ExG MR amplifier. The document is available for download as a pdf and is also available as printed booklet. You could even keep a copy at the scanner for quick reference!

In addition to safety information, we also want to keep you informed about the components of the system, how to connect them, and how to get them working. For this information you need look no further than the second of our new documents …

Operating and Reference Manual for use in a laboratory and MR environment

Here you will find the operating instructions for all of the amplifiers in the BrainAmp series. This document contains everything you need to know for setting up a BrainAmp in the laboratory or the MR environment and has clear sections dedicated to:

  • Information common to the laboratory and MR environment
  • Instructions specific to the laboratory environment
  • Special topics that only apply to the MR environment

You can download a copy from our website.

We hope you find our new supporting documentation for the BrainAmp series of amplifiers useful and look forward to bringing you more on this topic in the future.

For any questions on these new documents or related to safety aspects of combined EEG-fMRI measurements feel free to contact our technical support team.