Introducing the Brain Products Academy

by Dr. Tracy Warbrick
Brain Products Academy – Project Coordinator and Scientific Advisor

We are very excited to introduce the Brain Products Academy. We are proud of the education opportunities that we provide for our customers and developing the Brain Products Academy will allow us to bring you even more content.

What is the Brain Products Academy?

Brain Products Academy LogoWe have always been dedicated to providing high quality educational material for our customers and scientists in the wider neurophysiology research community. Perhaps you have already made use of the support tips you find in the Press Releases, seen our highly successful webinar series, or maybe even attended one of our workshops in the past. We plan to continue all these things and much more.

We have a team of knowledgeable, skilled scientists at Brain Products, and we want to share our experience with you. Our subsidiaries and distributors are also a valuable source of knowledge and experience and we will work alongside them to provide workshops in your region and online events in your time zone. Additionally, we have a large network of experts in many fields of neurophysiology research, and we will use this network to bring you content from the perspective of active researchers in the field.

The Brain Products Academy will bring together all aspects of our training and education activities, from short written tutorials to online workshops and a whole host of exciting content in between. We will deliver the same quality and expertise that you have come to expect from Brain Products and you can trust that all of our Brain Products Academy events will be of the highest standard.

Upcoming Brain Products Academy events

We have some excellent Brain Products Academy events and content planned for the rest of 2021. I will provide an overview below, but to keep up to date with planned events and be the first to book your spot you can sign up to our dedicated Events Mailing List.

BrainVision Analyzer webinars

BrainVision Analyzer 2We will host two BrainVision Analyzer 2 webinars later this year; these will be delivered by our Scientific Support team so you can expect the same exceptional content and expertise as for previous Analyzer events. In October, Dr. Yin Fen Low will present an overview of spectral analysis techniques in Analyzer and later in the autumn Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana will present an overview of EEG artifacts and how to handle them in Analyzer.

Visit the dedicated event page for more details and to book your place

Curious about BCI?

BCIOur online BCI event will run from October 18th – November 3rd and will consist of a series of lectures and workshop/demo sessions. Our in-house BCI expert Dr. Alex Kreilinger will introduce you to the wide range of Brain Products hardware and software solutions and how they can be used with open source tools (from acquisition to analysis) for creating your own Brain Computer Interface experiments.

Alex will be joined by an all-star line-up of experts in the field of BCI including our former Brain Products colleague Dr. David Medine. This is sure to be an excellent event with a wide variety of BCI topics being covered by many experts in the field, there really is something for everyone from beginner to advanced researcher.

Visit the dedicated event page for more details and to book your place

Something for our EEG-fMRI community

For our EEG-fMRI researchers we will host a safety and setup refresher webinar in late September. This will be a nice opportunity to remind yourselves of the most important safety and setup considerations, especially if you’re returning to the scanner after a break from measurements or have new colleagues in your lab. This webinar will be presented by the Application Specialist for EEG-fMRI, in other words me! I will continue to provide my expertise on EEG-fMRI alongside coordinating the Brain Products Academy.

There will also be a series of support tips for our EEG-fMRI community. This is a joint project between myself and Dr. Robert Stoermer from the Technical Support team and between us we will provide some expert tips and know-how on performing ExG-fMRI measurements. The first support tip on EMG-fMRI appears in this issue of the Press Release and articles on other ExG measurements, such as ECG and GSR, will follow in subsequent Press Releases.

Visit the dedicated event page for more details and to book your place

Looking ahead to 2022 – EEG: Back to Basics!

We would like to start the new year by going back to basics and providing an introduction to EEG. We asked attendees of our recent webinars what topics they would like us to cover, and this was a popular suggestion. So, taking advantage of the many EEG experts we have here at Brain Products, in January 2022 we will deliver a comprehensive online workshop that will be ideal for those who are new to EEG measurements or those who simply want a refresher on the basics. We will cover the nature of the EEG signal, how to acquire an EEG signal and optimise your setup, and how to start processing your EEG data.

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We look forward to your participation in our Brain Products Academy events

As you can see, the Brain Products Academy is a true collaboration across the company to bring you as much of our expertise as we can. We are excited about introducing the Brain Products Academy and eager to bring you more opportunities to learn about neurophysiological research. We will expand the type of educational content and services that we provide for you and we are already working on a schedule of events for 2022. Stay tuned for the next Press Release where we will announce further details about what the future holds for the Brain Products Academy.

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