2022 is off to a great start for the Brain Products Academy and we still have more to come!

by Dr. Tracy Warbrick
Brain Products Academy – Project Coordinator and Scientific Advisor

We are very pleased to be organising exciting Brain Products Academy events throughout 2022. We started the year with our “Foundations of EEG – Theory, Hardware, and Application Principles” online workshop aimed at newcomers to the EEG field. We are delighted that this online event was such a great success.

A look back at our Foundations of EEG workshop

Logo Brain Products AcademyThe first day of the workshop was a free introductory day that was attended by more 100 attendees from 10 countries. You too can experience these introductory sessions by watching the recordings on our Academy webinar channel. We offered limited tickets for the exclusive content on the second and third days of the workshop and the tickets sold out! We are thrilled that we were able to offer a workshop on a topic that is clearly appreciated by our community. We will take this as a cue to provide more education events for you in the future.

“Thank you! Really great to have a basic introduction into this field – as often can feel overwhelming for people just starting out.”

Jodie, United Kingdom

“Thank you for the seminars today. They were packed with information. It was a challenge to keep up, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I appreciate how well organized everyone is.”

Cindy, Canada

“I think Brain Products does great work in providing excellent resources for using EEG and other neuroimaging techniques that help researchers conceptually and practically understand them. I really enjoyed the webinar, and learned a lot!”

Merike, USA

“I would like to thank the entire organization team, which […] provides us with such alternative training opportunities. I think that the workshop was excellent […]. I for one enjoyed all sessions and could learn a lot. Also the participants, who I connected with during the Gathertown virtual meeting, gave solely positive feedback. Speaking of Gathertown; the uncomplicated way to virtually meet one or more participants via video conferencing delighted me highly too.  Although I very much hope that face-to-face meetings will soon be possible again, I’m already looking forward to the next Brain Products Academy event.”

Baris Yesilyurt, Scientific Consultant at MES Forschungssysteme (Germany)

“This was an amazing event that was perceived as extremely useful by new as well as existing EEG labs in my region.”

Franziska Keller, Associate Scientific Consultant at Brain Vision Solutions (Canada)

The workshop content was delivered by experts from our technical and scientific support teams, along with contributions from our subsidiary Brain Vision LLC. The workshop team were able to share their extensive expertise via lectures, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions. We also included interviews with experts from other departments within Brain Products to introduce our audience to the wide range of possible EEG applications and what solutions we can provide for these applications.

To complement the excellent content of the workshop we had a gathering at the end of each day using Gather Town. Establishing an academic network is important, especially at the start of your EEG career, and we wanted to provide attendees with the opportunity to meet other researchers and discuss their work. We were very pleased to see our attendees using this opportunity to meet like-minded scientists. In addition, many of our attendees took advantage of 1-2-1 chats with our support team members to discuss specific questions about their research. There was also the possibility for attendees to present a poster of their planned work. This was an excellent opportunity to gain experience in an informal setting to prepare new researchers for conferences. We were also very pleased to be joined by our subsidiaries during the Gather Town sessions, this provided the opportunity for attendees to talk to their local Brain Products representative. Bringing our global network together in one place was a great experience and we look forward to working with our subsidiaries in the future to bring you content in your region.

Looking forward

We hope you will join us for the events we are planning, your participation is what makes our events so rewarding for us. Our aim is to offer a variety of topics and formats to provide something for everyone. Make sure you keep up to date with what we have planned so you can find the right event for you.