Finding EEG electrode positions should be easy

by Dr. Michael Schubert (Brain Products Head of Product Management)

…and now it is! With our latest product improvement, you can identify electrode positions in your layout more easily and help beginners learn the 10-10 system intuitively while preparing caps in the lab. In this article we are pleased to introduce the new actiCAP with electrode labels printed on the fabric.

For the more experienced EEG specialist, the 10-20 system or the higher density versions like the 10-10 or 5-10 electrode layout is easy to navigate through:

  • Even numbers are on the right, odd numbers are on the left. A central line “z” is in the middle.
  • From front to back, we know that “F” stands for frontal, “C” for central, “P” for parietal and “O” for occipital. Positions in-between are combinations of these.
  • The 10-20 based systems are referenced to anatomical landmarks easily identifiable on almost any human.

As you can see below, electrode distance from Nasion and Inion to the first electrodes is supposed to be 10% of the distance between Nasion and Inion. The other rows of electrodes follow in consecutive 20% steps. Higher density layouts use e.g. 5% or 10% steps.

The international 10-20 electrode positioning system in EEG

The international 10-20 electrode positioning system.

Our actiCAP slim electrodes can be flexibly used for different caps and different layouts with different channel numbers. Writing the position labels on the electrodes would make them less flexible, which is why we only put numbers on them – and on the actiCAP snap holders as well. We’ve heard from you, our users, that it would help to write those standard electrode positions on the cap because they do not change. So, together with our friends from EASYCAP …

we now offer actiCAPs with the electrode labels printed to the respective location of the position

From now on, all actiCAPs will have the electrode position names printed at the respective location of the 10-10 system. That is:

  • 64-channel caps will have labels on every electrode position.
  • 32-channel caps will also have labels printed in between electrodes.
  • Caps with more than 64 electrodes will only have labels on the 10-10 positions, but not on the locations in between.
actiCAPs with the electrode labels printed to the respective location of the position

actiCAPs with printed electrode positions: 64-channel cap (left), 32-channel cap (middle), 128-channel cap (right).

This new feature will come in handy for users who are learning to navigate the electrode layout, identifying positions during impedance or a general data quality check, populating the cap with electrodes and more.

Let us know about your experience with this new feature of the actiCAP. And stay tuned, as we’ll keep on improving our solutions for your research!

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