A cause we support

by Anja Russo
Assistant Marketing Manager (Brain Products)

As in the last 10 years, we share our business success with those who need our help. Thus, we donate € 4.000 to the Alzheimer Gesellschaft Munich (AGM).

The Alzheimer Gesellschaft Munich is meant to be an institution to help people help themselves. AGM stands up for people with dementia and their families on a socio-political level to increase their acceptance and integration into our society.

The project “Expert group, Dementia 30plus” helps to improve the care and everyday life of younger dementia patients and their families. This project collects and spreads practical knowledge for the interaction with younger dementia patients.

It is a real pleasure for us to support this project. Our donation is used to finance the transportation of dementia patients to their weekly activity program such as talk groups and movement groups.

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