Who is who…!? – Dr. Tracy Warbrick & Andreas Butz

by Cornelia Plank
Technical Writer (Brain Products)

Thanks to your unwavering trust in us, Brain Products is continually growing. To continue to offer you unrivaled services and customer support, we’re constantly looking for dedicated, highly skilled professionals to join our team. On that note, we’re excited to welcome Dr. Tracy Warbrick and Andreas Butz to the Brain Products family.

Dr. Tracy Warbrick

Dr. Tracy Warbrick, Technical and Scientific ConsultantAt the beginning of 2015, Dr. Tracy Warbrick joined our Scientific and Technical Support department.

Tracy obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sport and Exercise Science from Manchester Metropolitan University. Later on she completed a PhD in Psychology at Staffordshire University investigating event related potentials in response to painful stimulation.

During her studies, Tracy focussed on investigating human function and performance with a particular emphasis on EEG. Her interest in understanding human brain function led her to combine EEG with fMRI during her postdoctoral work. Tracy has worked in labs in the UK (University of Birmingham), USA (University of California San Francisco) and Germany (Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf and Research Centre Jülich) using simultaneous EEG-fMRI to investigate topics including pain perception, working memory and the effects of nicotine on attention.

Telling the inside story…
Tracy likes to spend her spare time actively in nature. Besides engaging in extreme sports such as triathlon, she is a passionate cycler and mountain biker and tries to make the most of the Bavarian countryside whenever time allows.


Andreas Butz

Andreas Butz, Senior Accountant

To support the company´s accounting department, Andreas Butz has joined Brain Products in January 2015. His daily responsibilities include administrative and financial accounting as well as reporting.

Andreas began his career in 2006 as financial accountant at Schwarzer GmbH, an EEG company based in Munich. Three years later, he changed to Natus Europe GmbH, continuing to build up extensive knowledge in the administration of inventory accounts, receivables and payables as well as fixed asset accounting as senior accountant.

Telling the inside story…
Whenever Andreas is not busy with facts and figures, he likes to spend his spare time with his family. As a proud father of a four-year-old and newborn twins demanding his full attention, Andreas successfully manages to strike the balance between work and private life.

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