Who is who…!? – Cornelia Plank & Dominik Dietze

We are proud to introduce our new team members, Cornelia Plank (Technical Writing) and Dominik Dietze (Product Management).

Cornelia Plank – R&D, Technical Writer
It is my great pleasure to introduce myself to you as a new member of the Research & Development Department at Brain Products. I have joined the Technical Writing team back in October 2013 and since then have been taking care of the User Manual as well as other sorts of technical documentation within the scope of BrainVision Analyzer.

Following the successful completion of my studies with a Master´s degree in Psychology and Educational Science with a strong emphasis on the neurocognitive foundations of adult learning, I started my career in 2006 at a leading European training provider in the field of professional development, where I took on responsibilities for the content development of training toolkits and manuals. Along with the instructional setup of seminar modules targeted at advanced vocational education in business and management, I lectured on team dynamics and interpersonal communication for multidisciplinary audiences.

In 2009, I excitedly followed the invitation to work as an academic trainer at the Linguistics Department of the University of California San Diego (UCSD). For a total of three years, I attended to the conceptual layout of training materials and instructional course design for German Communication classes aimed at scientific professionals in the fields of bioengineering and cognitive neuroscience. While doing so, I was able to gain a profound understanding of the everyday demands of researchers needing to publish auspicious results while constantly being pressed for time.

It is the synergy of information design and learning theories along with their underlying cognitive processes that each day inspires my work at Brain Products. To me, user documentation reaches way beyond drawing up technical information solely for the sake of documentation – rather, I very much prefer to look at it as an effective, self-instructive learning tool that, if designed properly, is capable of bringing customers up to speed quite effortlessly in today´s busy world, where key information needs to be absorbed as quickly as possible in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Dominik Dietze – Product Management, Product Manager
Hi everybody! I’d like to introduce myself, I am with Brain Products since January 2014 and I am managing all Brain Products product lines except the BrainVision Analyzer software, which is taken care of by Jose Naranjo.

I am holding an engineering degree in micro-technology and started my career as a developer in the ophthalmology industry, primarily in the development of refractive laser systems and the accompanying diagnostic devices. Since the beginning of my professional career, I always had a strong interest in the commercial aspects of the products I developed and this continuously lead me further away from product development. In my last role I was managing and coordinating global launches of new products and product improvements while working very closely with our subsidiaries in Saint Louis (USA) and Singapore.

In the last five years before joining Brain Products, I was responsible for the global marketing and product management activities for the different neurophysiology product lines of Natus Medical Inc., a worldwide market leader for clinical neurophysiology and neurology diagnostic products.

As a product manager at Brain Products, it is my ambition to help everybody being successful in their daily work, be it in-house or our sales channels. Product management is comparable to being a soccer coach, you work as an interface between very different departments and also with very different personalities and you always strive to get the best out of it for the team.

Towards the outside world or, better said, our sales channels I am developing the communication strategy for the products in the area of my responsibility. Also, I am putting together the marketing toolkit, the fitting product pricing as well as powerful product promotions.

Last but not least, I am responsible for deriving market trends and translating them into new products or product improvements to extend our offering.

Any feedback and wishes are very welcome!

Privately, I am married and a father of 3 kids (boy – girl – boy), which I love to play with and spend my time off work. Besides being a father I have an additional hobby – I am a race bicyclist, and I am planning to participate in my first triathlon competition next year.

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