Who is who…!? – Dr. Patrick Britz & Natan Napiórkowski

by Cornelia Plank
Technical Writer (Brain Products)

In today’s ambitious environment, becoming a key player is a huge challenge. Maintaining a market edge is even more challenging. A strongly committed, highly skilled team is the core factor for company success. On that note, we are excited to introduce our new team members Dr. Patrick Britz and Natan Napiórkowski.

Dr. Patrick Britz: Marketing DirectorDr. Patrick Britz

Patrick joined Brain Products in June 2008 and shortly after was sent to the United States to work for Brain Vision LLC. From then onwards, a story of success begun its run: Starting out as scientific consultant, Patrick soon took over responsibilities as Sales Manager and thereupon acted as Vice President. In 2012, Patrick was promoted to President of Brain Vision LLC. Thanks to Patrick’s unmatched commitment to his customers and keen instinct for future technologies in Neuroscience he substantially shaped the corporate culture of Brain Vision LLC. Thereby, he helped the company to become what it is today – a leading distributor for solutions in neurophysiological research and trusted, reliable partner for more than 500 psychophysiology labs in North America.

Patrick returned to Gilching in October 2014 to contribute his valuable knowledge as Director of Marketing. As such, he will take a lead role in developing operative and strategic marketing activities for Brain Products. Together with his team, Patrick will keep you up-to-date on innovations and latest products, their scope of application as well as cutting-edge solutions that continue to keep Brain Products ahead of trends and allow you to push your research endeavors to the next level.

Stay tuned for informative commentaries, papers and reports by Patrick as we will feature plenty of them in future issues of the Press Release.

Welcome back to Germany, Patrick – Brain Products is excited to have you back on the team!

Telling the inside story…
In 2005, Patrick earned his diploma in Psychology at the University Trier (Germany) and started his PhD on combining EEG and fMRI. While working for Brain Vision LLC, he once again returned to academia to finish his PhD in Biopsychology in February 2014.

Privately, Patrick has a secret passion for spearfishing. Although he would like to get around to indulge in his hobby and enjoy the waters more frequently, he is already making plans to see you at the OHBM 2015 on the island of Ohau, Hawaii.


Natan NapiorkowskiNatan Napiórkowski

This past summer, Natan joined Brain Products as early stage researcher and fellow of INDIREA, a European Marie Curie funded training network set up amongst 6 top higher education institutions in Europe. INDIREA, which started in October 2013 and is expected to run until October 2017, centers around the investigation and improvement of diagnostics and rehabilitation of attentional disorders within neuropsychological populations such as brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

In this respect, Natan will carry out a research project targeted at the development of a combined EEG-TVA screen for attentional impairments in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and normal aging.

Natan obtained a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Warsaw in 2011 and went on to continue his educational path with a graduate program in Neuroinformatics. During his studies, Natan focused on the processing of bioelectrical signals (primarily EEG) and became actively involved in a collaborative project concerned with the development of an open source eye tracking device and Brain-Computer Interface based on steady-state visually evoked potentials (SSVEP) for people suffering from severe forms of multiple sclerosis.

Within the framework of INDIREA, Natan is currently pursuing his PhD at the Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience at the LMU Munich.

As one of the training network’s principal investigators, Brain Products is excited to welcome Natan to the team and lead him on his journey to investigate the relationship between age, occurrence of attentional disorders, and EEG signal features.

Telling the inside story…
Although the doctoral student life has kept Natan rather busy since his move to Munich half a year ago, he can’t wait to explore the vicinity and famous attractions of the area. As avid paraglider, a trip to the nearby mountains is highest on his list of must-dos in 2015.

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