Who is who…!? – Jochen Irmer & Klaus Kothmayr

Becoming a “big player” is a challenge for any company, in any market. But staying a “big player” is often even more challenging. “Doing what’s been done in the past” is usually not enough and having a qualified, reliable and committed team is a key factor for staying successful as a company. Just like continuously successful sports teams are proud of their “new signings”, we are proud to introduce our new team members, Jochen Irmer (Hardware Development) and Klaus Kothmayr (Technical Writing).

Jochen Irmer Dipl.-Ing. – R&D, Hardware Developer
Jochen Irmer
I would like to introduce myself as a new team member of the Research & Development department of Brain Products. My name is Jochen Irmer and my responsibilities are focused in the development of electronic devices in conjunction with EEG amplifiers. After obtaining degrees in electronic design and biomedical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm, I first developed my skills  for signal processing and embedded firmware in the automotive industry. In the mid-1990s I succeeded to invent a laser-based method for detection and location of manufactured goods in the food and pharmaceutical industry to fulfill the requirements of product traceability in the supply chains. The following years I focused on improving the algorithms of the sensor launching it on the market.  In 2007 I stepped again into medical sphere by developing a method for the spatial correlation of subdermal tissue with skin surface in confocal microscopy examinations. In late 2012 I joined the team of Brain Products in Gilching. The first product launch from my laboratory will be the StimTrak which I hope will be a helpful device in your daily workflow.

Klaus Kothmayr, M.A. – R&D, Technical Writer
Klaus Kothmayr
I started my career as translator for technical documents in Belgium and after some years I changed into the technical writing department of an international company. I joined Brain Products as technical writer at the end of 2012. As a technical writer, at the interface between the information source and other departments, I am involved in managing internal information and also write the “Information for use”, better known as user manuals. I am often asked: Why do I need a user manual at all? Of course, there are good reasons why every new product comes with some accompanying documents. But I am aware that not everybody reads these documents. For some products, e.g. consumer electronics, even I do not bother about the manual. For technical writers it is generally hard to predict what users actually intend to do with their newly purchased product. My job is to figure out what information could be interesting for  the user. This task is even more challenging if the product is used for research purposes. This is why all our documents undergo thorough checks by experienced and uncomplaining colleagues. Having a new technical writer also means that there are some changes on the way, which you will hopefully benefit from very soon.

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