Brain Products on the road: Visiting customers in India

by Nicola Soldati, PhD
Scientific Consultant (Brain Products)

Aerobe MedicareIn close collaboration with our local distributor Aerobe Medicare Pvt. Ltd, a visit to enthusiastic customers and high-profile research centers carried our international Sales team to the beautiful cities of India.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in Agra India

Our recent, long awaited tour to India raised high interest within the research community working on electrophysiological signals and brain sciences and turned this event into a pleasant, successful journey. Several researchers with different scientific background were given the opportunity to chat with our experts and gain insights into the state of the art of scientific research and available products directly “in their home”, or rather expressed, in their laboratories. Our visit rendered it possible for them to discuss details and particularities of their research, which usually are difficult to fully address on other occasions like conferences or large meetings.

If you missed the chance to listen to our talks on site or if we haven´t come to see you in your city yet, you don´t need to be worried. You will certainly have the opportunity to meet our experts in India in the near future. Brain Products will soon be back to this beautiful country offering even more in-depth insights into the most advanced technology for any electrophysiological research.

If, in the meanwhile, you would like to gather more information on what is being planned or if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly at or our local distributor at


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