Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products

by Tanja Horst
HR Assistant (Brain Products)

Having a qualified, reliable and committed team is a key factor for staying successful as a company. Just like continuously successful sports teams are proud of their “new signings”, we are proud of ours and would like to briefly introduce our newest team members to you.

Technical Support: Hannah Hiebel, M.Sc.

Hannah Hiebel, M.Sc. joined our Technical Support team in June 2019.  She brings wide and varied knowledge and experience to the team, specifically with EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) used for motor rehabilitation, and the co-registration of EEG and eye movements in visual search experiments. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology with focus on Neuropsychology and is close to finishing her PhD in Psychology from the University of Graz (Austria). Besides her postgraduate education as clinical/health psychologist (clinical neuropsychology), she was employed as scientific staff at the Graz University of Technology and University of Graz where she was involved in several research projects (e.g. TOBI, CONTRAST) and various studies measuring brain activity (EEG, fNIRS, fMRI) and other biosignals.

Welcome to the team, Hannah!

Sales: Sara Pizzamiglio, Ph.D.

Sara Pizzamiglio, Ph.D. is part of the team since May 2019. She supports our Sales department as a scientific consultant. Her passion is neurorehabilitation. One of her greatest achievements to date is her research work in mobile EEG. She developed a novel system for the ambulatory measurement of neuronal reactions in the daily life of human activities, which was also used in a pilot study with Parkinson’s patients at Romford Hospital in London.

After successfully completing her doctorate at the University of East London (UK), she most recently worked for IBM as a junior consultant.

Welcome to the team, Sara!

HR & Accounting: Bettina Manzenberger

Bettina Manzenberger is supporting our Human Resources department since June 2019. She is a trained tax specialist and successfully completed her Professional of Human Resources Bachelor’s at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Munich. Bettina is the contact person when it comes to payroll accounting and can look back on over 18 years of professional experience in Human Resources. Before moving to Brain Products, she worked at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof as a clerk and at Evantec GmbH as head of the HR department.

Welcome to the team, Bettina!