Who is who…?! – New team members at Brain Products

by Stefanie Rudrich
Marketing Manager (Brain Products)

Having a qualified, reliable and committed team is a key factor for staying successful as a company. Just like continuously successful sports teams are proud of their “new signings”, we are proud of ours and would like to briefly introduce our new team members to you.


is the newest Scientific Consultant in our Sales Team and joined Brain Products in March 2018. Among others he will be involved in our direct sales activities as well as support our certified distributors with words and deeds in theirs. Of course, you – our customers – will have plenty of opportunities to meet Ismael in person – e.g. at conferences, product demonstrations and workshops.

Ismael has a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering ( University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada). The topic of his master thesis was “Resolving the Discrepancy between BOLD and CBF fMRI to Reliably Investigate Resting-State Functional Connections“.

Before starting at Brain Products, Ismael was a Research Assiciate at the Seaman Family MR Centre – Foothills Hospital (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Working in the lab of Dr. Paolo Federico (Epilepsy Research) he not only has a lot of experience conducting and analyzing EEG and fMRI data himself, but also designed, coordinated and supervised various EEG and fMRI studies.

Being a skilled researcher with an outstanding technical background and longtime experience in the EEG / fMRI field, we are happy to have Ismael on board!


Maximilian Wernz joined our Sales team in March 2018, too. He’s our new Sales Assistant and as such will support our Sales Operations Specialist, Kaitlin Robson, and our Sales Consultants team in their daily work.

Besides working at Brain Products (part-time), Maximilian is currently studying International Management at FOM University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Germany). Before joining us and continuing his university career at FOM he had been with Sigma-Aldrich (Merck KGaA), an international well established chemical/pharmaceutical company. During his more than 2 years there Maximilian gathered a lot of experience in the sales field (i.e. applied sales support, wholesale and foreign trade) which will for sure make him a valuable add-on to our Sales team.

Welcome to the Brain Products Family, Maximilian!

R&D – Hardware Development

Last but not least, Renata Strasser joined Brain Products and is strengthening our Production team.

Besides supporting our Production team in all tasks related to assembling products and related components, Renata is also involved in the thorough testing process that components and products manufactured by Brain Products undergo.

Renata has been supporting Brain Products as a temporary worker in the past already and gathered a lot of experience in the daily business of the Brain Products’ Production department during that time. Now, we can finally welcome her as a full member of the team and are happy to welcome her on board!

Although some of the above are rarely in direct contact with you – our customers and distributors – they all contribute equally to making Brain Products what it is and what it stands for and we are proud to have them on board!

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