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  • TriggerBox Plus

How to use the new TriggerBox Plus in your recording setup

In our last newsletter issue, we proudly introduced the new TriggerBox Plus. Now, we want to provide some more information on how this new and enhanced version of the TriggerBox changes the way you can interact with this device and how you can make the best use of its new features.

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  • BCI+

Getting started with LSL Markers and Hardware Triggers for Stimulus Presentation

Here we introduce a step-by-step guide for both LSL markers and hardware triggers with Brain Products and various stimulus presentation software programs that will ensure you are ready to start your experiments with the most accurate timing possible.

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  • Interfacing Brain Products hardware and software from your favorite experiment control software

Interfacing Brain Products hardware and software from your favorite experiment control software

Brain Products strives to ensure compatibility with a wide range of software solutions applicable in all stages of your research project. Recent collaborations with the most established designers of software solutions for stimulus presentation and experiment control make your experiments more effortless to run. With centralized control and automatization, you can reduce errors and increase reliability when conducting your experiments.

Remote Control Server 2: Control your EEG recording from your stimulus presentation software

Our new Remote Control Server 2 (RCS) is available for download. It is a free tool that allows to control BrainVision Recorder from any stimulus presentation software. Remote Control Server 2 helps to automatize your EEG recording sessions and reduces chances of user errors so that you successfully execute your experiment.

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  • TriggerBox – Marker triggering via USB port

TriggerBox – Marker triggering via USB port

Nearly every EEG research lab needs to send triggers from the experimental setup to the EEG system. Of course, the solution should be precise, reliable and easy to use. By using the USB port and the Brain Products TriggerBox, one can send triggers to the EEG amplifier with a precision of less than 1 ms. If you are using E-Prime 3.0 or Presentation 20.0 and have a USB port available, you have a plug & play solution for triggers.

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