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  • Introducing the Brain Products Global Subsidiary Network

Introducing the Brain Products Global Subsidiary Network

Have you ever wondered how the Brain Products family is organized? We summarize and introduce our global subsidiary network and provide some opportunities for you to join us in our journey.

Second Act: Patrick Britz is back in North America

No matter when or where you’ve met Patrick Britz, you probably know his motto: “Getting science done!”. This is what has always mattered most to him. His career started in research and took him to industry - at Brain Products & Brain Vision LLC. In case you lost track of where he is now and what he is up to, this article is for you …

From Canada to “Wieder Da” [“back again”]

Many of you may remember me, Lydia Timm, either from my 4 years at Brain Products in the Support, and later Marketing department or from my time at Brain Products‘ daughter company, Brain Vision Solutions (Canada). I am now back in Germany and excited to announce that I have recently joined MES Forschungssysteme.

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