Brain Products Tutorial Video Series – Part 1: How to get started with R-Net …

by Stefanie Rudrich
Team Leader of Marketing (Brain Products

We have always invested a lot of time into providing detailed and up-to-date Operating Instructions for our products and will keep doing so. However, we are also aware that your time can be limited, and you’d like to get started quickly when your order arrives.

Since our Webinar Channel (featuring webinar recordings around BrainVision Analyzer 2, our analysis software for EEG/ERP research) went live, we kept receiving more and more requests for coming up with tutorial videos on our amplifiers and electrode caps. It may have taken a bit longer than you hoped for, but we listened and recently published our first “Getting started” tutorial video.   

Getting started with R-Net Tutorial Video

Our first tutorial video focuses on our latest product releases, the R-Net (sponge-based electrode system) and the actiCHamp Plus (versatile all-in-one lab amplifier).

R-Net Tutorial VideoIn the video, we give you a short overview of

  • the R-Net in general
  • the Starter Set that comes with it (and what the items are for)
  • how to prepare the electrolyte solution
  • how to prepare and fit the cap, as well as how to connect it to the actiCHamp Plus amplifier
  • how to measure/improve impedances and check signal quality
  • how to clean and dry the cap

We tried to keep it as short as possible, while still providing all necessary information you need to get started right away. For more details, please don’t forget to refer to the official Operating Instructions.

We are just getting started – tell us what you think!

“Getting started with R-Net and actiCHamp Plus” is just the beginning of a series of videos and we’d be happy to keep listening to your thoughts and keep you involved. So, feel free to send us your feedback or take part in our poll and tell us which topic or products you’d like us to focus on in our next tutorial videos.

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