Product update: R-Nets now available for infant and child research

by Dr. Christina Florence Lavallée
Strategic Product Manager (Brain Products)

Since we first introduced our sponge-based electrode system, the R-Net, in late 2017, we heard the (baby’s!) cry from child and infant EEG researchers, who also wanted to benefit from the fast application times offered by the R-Net. We are pleased to now offer smaller sized R-Nets, completing the full spectrum from babies to adults.

Product update: R-Nets now available for infant and child researchAs infant and child researchers, you know that a fast and easy preparation time can be crucial to your experiment. The R-Net offers you a rapid and gel-free application, which has clear advantages when working with babies and children. We now have neonate and infant sizes with 32 or 64 electrodes, as well as child and adolescent sizes available with 32, 64, 96 and 128 electrodes, following the international 10-10 system of electrode placement. For a trained user, it takes roughly 3 minutes to set it up, regardless of the channel count, making it the fastest of all our electrode systems to prepare. Be sure to check out our R-Net video tutorial to ensure your set up goes as smoothly as possible.

We also have some special features in store for you to make sure you have the best fit and maximum comfort for all your baby EEG recordings. Infant and toddler head sizes can vary quite a lot in size and shape, oftentimes making it difficult to find the perfect fit while still being comfortable. To overcome this, a small customization kit is available with the starter set to adjust the length of the tubing along the side of the face, so you can be sure to have the ideal fit for every recording. To maximize comfort as much as possible for this special population, the neonate and infant sizes are equipped with both a cloth chin strap, as well as the standard clip.

Infant research often requires ultra-fast application, minimal invasiveness and maximum comfort, making the R-Net the perfect match for your recordings. The R-Net is compatible with our new all-in-one stationary amplifier, actiCHamp Plus, as well as with our mobile LiveAmp 32 and LiveAmp 64 systems, adding a new level of comfort, ease and portability to your baby research.

Baby R-Nets are now available from a head circumference as small as 32 cm and up.

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