The polls are closed, the winners are drawn
– Feedback from our customer survey 2013

by Stefanie Rudrich
Marketing Manager (Brain Products)

From the beginning of July to the end of November 2013, we once again invited you, our customers, to “tell us what you think about our products & services and win”. After a first evaluation of the several hundred responses, suggestions for product improvements and new product developments, we are pleased to present some of the results here.

Customer feedback has always mattered a lot to us, and we’ve known that listening to your needs has been one of the key factors in making us what we are today. Therefore, we are always happy to hear your thoughts – praise as well as criticism – on our current products & services as well as on how we could match your requirements even better in the future.

Of course, we and you both benefit most from face-to-face discussions (e.g. at conferences or workshops). However, there are some of you we rarely get a chance to meet in person; and this is just one of the reasons for our regular Customer Surveys.

Some of the facts and results of our Customer Survey 2013

Online Survey 2013: The polls are closed, the winners are drawnOverall, at Brain Products we fulfill your expectations to a level of 84% (referring to Product Quality/Reliability, Customer Support, Adaptation to Customer’s Needs, Constant Development, Value for Money and Short Delivery Times).

In particular, the survey revealed once more that it is mainly our long-lasting and well-known reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products and services that makes us your first choice when equipment for neurophysiology research is needed.  On the one hand, this was emphasized by the ratings our products received (rated 5.1 of 6 on average). Especially praised here were BrainVision Recorder / BrainVision Analyzer, the BrainAmp MR amplifier series, and the actiCAP. On the other hand, our – and our distributorspre-sales consultancy are obviously also highly appreciated (rated 5.3 of 6 on average) and only topped by the praise and excellent ratings our technical and scientific support teams (rated 5.4 of 6 on average) received from survey participants.

Additionally, we received many valuable inputs and constructive suggestions about possible improvements to existing products as well as for the development of new ones. We will evaluate all of them closely and surely some of them will be realized in future revisions and updates of existing products or new product releases.

Thank you very much again to all survey participants for taking the time to send us your feedback and …